Need help, transplant question

I have dry Pro-Mix in the container, when I pour in filtered water with a ph of 7.3 the runoff is 5.3. I wonder if I should use some ph up to adjust the water that I’m soaking the medium with. I’d like to have a runoff of 6.0. I guess I’m wondering how others successfully transplant.

I’ll say stop flushing your Pro-Mix other wise you’ll gone a flush all the good “stuff” on it, espacelly if it have micorize on it, let dry for minimum 24 hrs and transplant. Continue watering with your filtred water PH’d at 7.3, after the transplantation, in time, the run off will get were you want it to be… The key word here is patience :wink:

Hope that you’ll find this useful :v::innocent:


If you at ph up your run off will go up as well
I’m with @Niala don’t continue flushing soil you plan on transplanting to
Test a Small pot of soil using water at say 8.1 ph and see how much it drops
You can ph up water till you get disired run off
Them you’ll have an idea where you need to be when you water plant adjust ph as need during grow
Hope this helps
Happy growing :+1::v::wink:

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dolomitic lime could be added, the appropriate amount depends on pot size…@latewood would be good to ask.


Thank you Niala, that’s kinda what I was thinking too, but they are just now trying to recover from what I think was … well could’ve been a couple of things. Spots on the leaves.

Cool, that’s what I was going to try but I wasn’t sure. Got so much light in the room they don’t take long to get squirrely.

Hello kabongster. Yes. For this grow I added dry nutrients that come pre mixed to my medium . I should’ve bought some of that while I was there. I only wet one pot maybe I should get some lime tomorrow and just add to the other pots before I soak them. After I add the lime and slowly soak the pro-mix from the top so as not to flush I should have enough runoff to test for ph. Do you suspect the result to be better than my original 5.3 reading ?

Together you folks have really giving me a well rounded answer to my question. Thank you. Man this hobby can be stressful sometimes. :smiley:

Yes it can be but it’s also very rewarding as well :wink::v::+1:

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Yeah buddy :sunglasses:

Just having a plan helps with my stress for tonight.


just asking…are you preparing the grow medium or are the plants growing already?

I was reading up on the lime…what I found is to use the powdered dolomitic lime not the pelletized.

the general consensus is one tablespoon per gallon of pro-mix and you need @Countryboyjvd1971 and his new toy, his soil mixer…maybe he will post a pic of it?:wink:
Mix the lime in real good, try not to leave pockets of it.
If the plants are growing, scratch and water it into the mix.

Lime doesn’t work immediately like pH up would so mix early if possible. It will raise the pH.

@Majiktoker @Hammer @garrigan62 how much lime can you add to pro-mix per gallon to buffer pH?

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the first time I saw the photo of that, I thought it was a commercial bud trimmer, kif collector, hash compactor!

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Lol wow that would be cool :sunglasses:
Can you make one of those that would be awesome
The drum comes off and motor is direct drive bet I could adapt some sort o drum system? Hummmm
Now you got me thinking lol

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I have plants in one gallon pots that are ready for transplant . So I have pots with dry pre mixed (with dry nutes )Pro-mix. I can dump one container at a time into my mixing tote and evenly mix five tbsp in. The next thing I’ll have to learn is how long it will take for the roots to enjoy a correct ph. I will still need to soak the medium enough to test the runoff .if that result is too low still I’ll try running some adjusted water through at risk of flushing out some good stuff.


Yessa, looks like a cement mixer. Cool.


That’s what it is lol
Wifey gave it to me for xmas but I think she just wants her walk way done and other projects around the house footings for a new deck etc . It was a gift to her self lmfao


Lol, yup, that’s how mine does it too.


I think a 1/2 tsp but I may be wrong