Need help! thrips attacking!

Hi, found thrips on my leafs. My plants are in flowering, second week. My plants started having tiny blossom’s about two days ago. I used pyrethrum and neem oil to spray them two times overall. seems like that did not killed them off completely. What should i do so late into flowering, i dont think its safe to spray them again? Anyone has advice on what to do to get rid of them safely?

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Check out Captain Jacks Dead Bug before you buy any ,but I think it’s safe to use close to harvest .


Yes it is!

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I deal with them here and this works well but you have to be systematic to interrupt the life cycle.

Up until trichomes start you can spray the plant down with a 50/50 solution of isopropyl alcohol. This is immediate and nukes them now. It also gets most of the eggs. It will not hurt your plant and you can test it for yourself on a single branch if you like.

After first trichomes appear you can go to straight 3% peroxide sprayed on. This will kill adults. Be sure to wet the undersides of the leaves and the flower. Wait 48 hours for it to dissipate (turns into water and oxygen) and spray with Captain Jack’s Dead Bug. This is a bacillus called Spinosad which, when injested in the plant material multiplies in the gut of the pest and kills it within 5 days. Leave the Captain Jack’s on for 5 days then repeat the whole peroxide/Captain Jack’s routine two more times. That should do it.

Captain Jack’s and Safer spray (bacillus thurengiensis) can be used up until the day of harvest.

Plan to wash your harvest: you can search for it here on the forum.


I applied this 2 times within a week and havnt had anymore.

Its just a mix of various soaps

Temprid FX and an IGR like tekko pro will absolutely work but in your situation I’d advise against that. I’d like to try what @Liljoe posted just to see but I hear a lot of ppl just using insecticidal soap in water with great results. It’s not going to eradicate it but should knock them back enough with regular application. Just a mild soapy mix nothing crazy. And of course if you’re comfortable defoliating I would go ahead and do that now to pull eggs and larva out of grow room.

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Captain jacks deadbug. It’s a bacterial solution that kills them from the inside out, and safe for flower.


After 2 applications of the Safer Soap and I havnt seen a bug since, also was lucky the catch them early

Captain Jack contains Spinosad which can’t be used in Oregon for tested buds, they will be tagged contaminated. :v: :heart: :musical_score: :sunglasses:

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Interesting considering it’s just bacteria. I still recommend to stop applying 2 weeks before harvest.
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