Need help this is my first grow


Nice Job! Girls are happy, we are happy!


looking much better @lostscuba @kw_Bat @SlowOldGuy thanks for the help


Looking good man They are getting nice buds


25 days in flower

And one of the clone


The clones budding u super crop it ??


Yes here she is today

And the mother plants


Looking good man let me know how u like the super crop all my plants are budding now


34 days in flower

@lostscuba @slowoldguy @kw_Bat


Gonna be some long buds :ok_hand::+1:t5: Can’t wait to see them in two weeks will be dubble the size


My super crop clone


Is the bud going away yet just hairs I had one like that it all grew from one spot all weird


Yes the bud is going away and a single stem not branching out gess it wants to be a tree lol


It will grow al weird I had one like that took a month to get back on track then it grew shoots every witch wAy


Medic, looking good! I wished my girls was that far along!


Day 38 in flower

@lostscuba @slowoldguy @kw_Bat :smile:


Any estimatwnt what you might pull from them?


I have no clue this is my first time growing


What trimming technique do you like to use? Is that only SCROG.

Hey I am new as well, cramming as much info as fast as I can.


Looks more like a sea of green set up to me not a Scrog
Both use a screen but there is a difference

Here a few kinks to help you understand the differences @kw_Bat


Hey thanks @Countryboyjvd1971

I’ll check it out!