Need help this is my first grow


Only on here


Todays pics


@Medic58 my grow journal is under Chocolope twins therapy…


Girls are looklooking a little droopy today and I have no idea why Ph 6.8 watered with 6.2 water from the aquaponics system thinking I need to get some cal mag. @Lostscuba @kw_Bat @LoCoRock @Dman1969


@Medic58 My 1st thought is maybe over/under watering? Not really sure? I’m only on my 3rd grow myself!



@Medic58 I’m with @Gilly not positive but sounds like it to me too. I grow in soil so I really probably ain’t much help.


Let them dry out for a couple days and see what happens???


Where the girls like.that before you watered?


Yes they where


Todays pics
@lostscuba @kw_Bat


some nugs on there what kind are they again?? They will fill that space up in no time :+1:t5:


Got the seeds from a friend so I gave no clue he told me it was thinking weed lol


Lol those are good ones I had a couple lost plants I just gave them there own names


Todays pics
@lostscuba @slowoldguy @kw_Bat


those plants look over-watered.!

what is your watering schedule.?


Every 3 days should I back off to 4 or 5 days @slowoldguy


Nice… Looking good Medic!


i suggest the flood to drought watering method…
saturate the ‘soil’ to run off comes out the bottom of the pots,
let them get almost completely dry then saturate again and wait for ‘dry’ again.!
this makes happy roots, plants, and grower.!!

with proper watering, your plants will look a lot happier and less droopy,
they will grow quicker, larger, and better using flood to drought watering.!!


thank you very much I also found that my timer went bad and was not turning the lights off I have fixed that and I’ll let them DRY out and use your advice :):sunglasses:


Looking happy today