Need help this is my first grow


Drill the hell out of the sides the roots will breath a lot better. Plus you won’t have to worry about root rot. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand::+1:


@Medic58 here’s my latest pic of my girl

a few weeks to go :sunglasses::v:


I’m going with 5 gallon fabric pots next grow. There really cheap. Just FYI :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Good move mate :+1::kangaroo:


Yea I agree i wait tell the droopy then water them and I only feed them half every week or so it helps them


You should get a dome so they can’t eat them I got mice too I’m shooting my BBC at all hours but they never ate my plants so that’s a new one


Where can i get them


Lowe’s and most gardening places have them


todays pic there doing great
@lostscuba @Hungrybud @slowoldguy


@Medic58, they are looking great! So you went with Scrog on your first grow? They do look good! Nice job!


Yes went all in just dont know when to stop weeving them


Pics from today


Very nice… moving on up… :+1::sunglasses:


looking good


They look droopy how much have you been watering ??? But good work


Every other day think im going to have to do it every day


Just wait let em dry and see if they perk up if not your gonna have too


I water my plants like once a week… maybe a couple cups if they feel light until I can get to it on Saturday…I’m 4 or 5 weeks into flower they are definitely bigger, maybe I should be every 5/6 days but it’s working. I know at the beginning I even went 8/9 days a couple times. I also added a couple cups per 5 gallon container of peat moss too though. I think I’mma skip the moss from now on.


Yea I ran into that problem watering when it’s dry but kbow I wait tell they are droopy and plants have never been better this is only my third grow indoors and I’m still learning but I also grew outdoor my whole life but u can do what u want my friend it’s your choice


@LoCoRock, do you have a photo posted anywhere?