Need help this is my first grow


Both dwc I guess I have one with a fogger one wit air stones and a Canadian bubbler got a couple going



Nice ill be watching to see how it goes


Ill get some pics as i put mine together


So far they grow twice as fast I feel in love with it


This ones done just gotta tape it so no light can get through even got wheels


started my scrog today have to go get more paracord tonight on my way to work


That wicked bro looks good I’m gonna watch and see how good it works then I might try


Flipped to 12 12 today


Good now the fun starts the smell of weed growing is the best air freshener :smiley::seedling::sunglasses: did a job on the net too


todays pic 4 days on 1212 @Lostscuba


Nice man I can’t wait to see how this turns out :sunglasses: What happen the the face wit the eye glass


Any hairs yet ???


Yes ill get some pic tomarrow

guick lights out pic


Shot up couple inches yea that’s the trick I figure out but looking good can’t wait to see what’s up


mouse killed all of my babies all i have left is one clone can i still take clones from my plants they have been on 1212 for 7 days :frowning:
@lostscuba @slowoldguy


yes, in this extreme case u can.!
do it now tho, do not wait any longer.!!

keep the damn mousers outta the clone dome.! LOL
my grow is in a garage, i battle mice all the time,
get rid of the mice or this will happen again.!


Yea as long as it’s not budding takes a week or two to kick in


@Medic58 do your buckets have holes drilled in them not only on the bottom but the sides? Because if they don’t you probably want to drill the heck out of them for aireation. I’m growing in five gallon buckets and it makes a big difference. :v::call_me_hand::+1:


Cool thanks i only have holes in the bottom