Need help this is my first grow


Going to build a cabinet on my work bench to keep them in when i flip to 12 12 due to only having 1 grow room. Ordered a 1000w cmh light today cant wait till it gets here


I bet just went through the same thing they even missed my address because of new guy so I had to wait another day I might have to go cmh my light fuzziness screws with my security cameras


What’s going on man how’s things going???


switching to 12 12 on monday morning got 10 seeds in solo cups waiting for rhe to pop up


Yea they will jump right up when u change u going wit a scrog or ?


Scrog if i cnget the time to build the frame


Use 2x2s string I was thinking I might but I’ll test the waters first


we have babies


Yes u do u excited :laughing: slept all day again dam doctor playing with my neds


Just one so far ???


5 of 10 have poped


I have to finish the small aquaponics system for the room and im going to do a side by side grow one in dirt and one in aquaponics see witch one does better


Going big this time ? :joy: witch is good u can start clones and have all the strains u popping any time u want


Aa ok the one in water will grow twice as fast no doubt about it but I heard organic soil does good too


Hopping for at least 8 this time


You will get them I got faith you uselly get 8 out of 10 or sumthing like that maybe every one depending on the germation


Are you building your own boxes :package:


Usinng 5 gal buckets with net pots with clay pebbles in tbe aquaponics


Yea I have got 7 in 3 gallons And one in 5 gallon but i bought 15 buckets eventually they will be all filled I’m working on the bubbler it’s got 2 air tubes instead of air stones with 4 in netpods 8 in total. Gonna see if it works I’m putting together now


You doing hydroponic or aquaponics