Need help this is my first grow


Alls i have is cheep leds in yhere i am going to buy a ballast for my 1000w light as soon as funds alow


Ok they don’t give off heat just trying shoot out some options for yea I wish I had a space that big


Liking your setup @Medic58 :wink::v::bear:


Are u still having trouble wit cold is it u that I was talking to so much going on


Yes got the welder out and building a rocket heater @ lostscuba


That is a fascinating set up… I’m watching this one… I have 2 - 55 gallon freshwater tanks and simply love the vibe they give off. It’s great therapy I think…lol on top of the gardening. I would love to do something like that! I have 2 fish getting ready for there 8th birthday. My pictus cat and believe it or not a gourami. :+1::+1:


That’s the best way too go I’m gonna be moving my grow room out in my garage make sure u show me you’re master peace they are really fun to make I made one u could cook a pizza in it


The babies today looks like girls to me let me know what you guys think @lostscuba


Did u flip them to 12 12


No there on 18-6


I see lady parts


Doing good man when u flipping it are they off the buckets???


In 10 days there will be in veg for 8 weeks tgars when i was thinking of flipping them to 12 12


Ok you must be pumped I know I was couldn’t wait to smoke it


Having a hard time keeping my hands off the timer lol


Just wanna get there lol :joy: I hear yea this is only my third crop just filled out my ACMPR gonna be able to grow more I got my 1000 watt today when it turns on it screws my cameras up too high magnetic field the bulb is ten times the size of a 600 hps


I have been looking at cmh lights


Yea mine is not cmh. It’s mh and hps there on for cheap I paid 139 for 1000 watts look how big the bulb is


Started round two sprouted in paper towel planet in red Solo cups and whatever else I could get my hands on see how this goes

@Lostscuba @SlowOldGuy


That’s the best way to go my friend when u crop out u have them ready to replace