Need help this is my first grow


Looking good mate :+1:


Yes! Happy girls 10 days after topping


Nice they will get big in there that’s my go to buckets


No new update??? Don’t be hiding the goods :exploding_head::thinking:


doing well thanks to you guys


14 days and they will have been in veg for 8 weeks shoshould I keep them in veg longer to let them put on more size!there on 18 6 light now should I switch to 12 12

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No not yet try and get the leaves off the pails so u don’t run into trouble but your doing good bro but it’s really up to you dog do what u think is best


I would start Getting your next batch going so when they are done you got some to replace and go


I need to order seeds I’m going to be placing my order soon I’m just having a hard time picking a strain to grow


Go for high yield ones like king tut my og kush was the best man smoked it all first but I am a og kush fan well any og if u start now you will be right on time to replace


your 400w MH will cover a 2.5’ x 3’ area and penetrate a 16’’ deep canopy,
when they fill that area about half way it is time to switch to 12/12.!


Happy girls growing like crazy

@SlowOldGuy @Lostscuba


For sure they are almost off the bucket


this is my aquaponics system im having trouble with the temps i dont have heat in the garage
@Lostscuba @kw_Bat


Lol even got fish in there if your having trouble with temperature get fish tank heater or the temperature pad u can put in the water that’s some serious stuff good job bro


I have 3000w and 2 1000w heaters. Problem is its been -20 to -35°f and the heater in the garage broke the fire box burned out


What about making you’re self a wood stove they pretty easy to rig up that would solve it maybe I have made one out of 50 gallon drum or even old propane tank


Ill try it


Im going to try and do a geo thermal green house this summer


You would think the lights would give off heat and keep it warm