Need help this is my first grow

I’m growing in soil in an indoor grow room. The temp runs around 74°f to 77°f humidity stays at 35% with a humidifier running I’m using a 400w mh grow light on 18 on 6 off. The soil is composted cow manure with petite and peat. I started seeing brown spots on one of the two plants and there are very small bugs that look like mosquitoes but a whole lot smaller. The other plant is doing great they are In 4 gallon buckets with 1/2" of stone in the bottom to keep the dirt from the drain holes.

I would start with check soil ph levels
Do you have a digital ph meter ?

Sounds like you have fungus gnats. There’s a lot of different ways people eradicate them, but I’ve found using Gnat Gnix is a simple and effective way to treat them.

The Hydroponic City Growstone Gnat Nix!, Fungus Gnat Control - 2 Liter Bag + Stakes


when outdoor ingredients are added, it comes with extras. bug eggs, worm eggs, parasite eggs, mold, fungus…big part of cow shit. They eat it, and lay eggs in it.
suggest next time…use store bought growing media.

Tried that several times…a no go. AND…the weed smokes like the cow shit smells.

fungus gnats…easy to kill


Fungus gnats are also a sign of over watering.


did u add any dolomite lime to the ‘soil’.?
if not add one Tablespoon per gallon of ‘soil’, sprinkle it on top, it will leach in when u water,
apply the same amount every 2 months, no need to add any after 5 or 6 weeks into flower,
looks like u have 3-4 gallon buckets, 3-4 TBS of lime is fine, does not have to be exact,
this will keep your pH levels in check and provide a little calcium.

can u post some pics of the bugs u found.?
it is probably fungus gnats, but more info and/or pics would help identify them.!
get rid of them and then use the flood to drought watering method,
the top of the soil will naturally dry out and will keep gnats from laying eggs in it.!!
smoke tip of the day…
if u do not want to use anything in the pots then use sticky traps to catch the adults and let the top of the soil dry to detour the larva and prevent adults from laying eggs.
u have to be diligent with the traps, change them out so they r always sticky.!


Yes, good call @Familyman :v:

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No I ordered one it just has not come in yet

Should I transplant them into better soil as they have only been in the large buckets for 2 weeks

Thank you I ordered toady you guys rock


Thank you for the help



I would transplant into store bought grow soil. NOT Miracle Grow…it kills.
Your containers are plenty big. suggest you go with something like FF …BUT diluted with plain unfertilized soil. Basically, I want to be in TOTAL CONTROL of all the variables possible.
Lights, temp, humidity, nutes …then I can make adjustments as needed to ensure a healthy plant and good harvest.


is the composted manure out of a bag or out of the yard or barn.?

your mix actually sounds and looks pretty good,
if u have well composted, disease/pest free manure u r good to go.!!

next round look into Fox Farm, Pro Mix, (peat on the cheap), coco/perlite (70/30 mix)


Bti Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis

you need to get the above product, you can get it on ebay mix a strong solution then PH the water to your requirements it will kill the larvae worms which eat the roots of your plants, you need to do it every watering until your ontop of them, i dont have any probs now but still use it at least once a month just in case.

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sorry not allowed to put the ebay link on but the sellers details are above and they are in the USA
also if you have any other indoor plants treat them also, also compliment with yellow sticky cards and top dress your growing container with Gnatnix, Canna Terra pro is a great growing medium.


Got rid of the fungus gnats and my girls are doing great thanks everyone for the help


Great mate, keep the yellow sticky boards up to see what gnats are still hanging around, did you use the Bti Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis ?



Yes I did thank you for the info I’ll post pic tomarrow morning

Happy kids


Did you top them yet

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