Need help :( spreading fast

APOLOGIES FOR NEW POST… WOULDNT LET ME REPLY ON MY OTHER ONE*** It’s spreading, she’s about 26 days old just started flower, recently had a light flush for nitrogen toxicity with PH water within the last week, spreading quite fast

My second ever attempt at autos and was doing well up until the last couple weeks. Worsened since started flower…


Watching. Still on my first grow

All I have to offer is this;

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Thanks bro! Looks very similar to either the potassium or manganese deffiiciency… so much for going organic with just PH water :roll_eyes:

Believe it or not, I like less watering than more. But I also use a little bit of Ebson salts in my soil to help the feeding cycle thru. I use 5gal pots outdoor grow. I keep my ph down btwn 6.5 to maybe 7. Every 20th day I use a Tblspn of ebson salt mixed with gal of lower ph water, and water my plants. Seems to have kept any nutrient burn or, soggy leaves away.