Need help sexing plant

I need help sexing this plant. If it’s a male I’m going to be pissed. But i would like to know so i can stop wasting my nutes on it.

Can you get closer pics of the inner nodes where the stems of the leaves connect to main stem. It may need more time to show sex , looks neutral to me… Give it some time the pros will give you their opinions

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…in the first picture, near the top of it I think I see a blonde hair (female?)

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Just watch for white hairs coming out of where your buds (should) be growing. Even then during flower you still have to watch them. If your plants get light during the uninterrupted darkness period it could cause your female plant to hermaphrodite.

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Thanks for info. I’ll give it more time.

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Thanks for your advice

Thank you for your help

I agree with @Paranorman. It looks like small pistles at the very top of the first picture.


Thanks i hope it’s a female