Need Help Sexing. Hermaphrodite?

First time grower. Autoflower day 23 from seed. Noticed what looks like a male pollen sac but there are also what looks like pistils coming out. Thinking it could be a swollen calyx but also anxious it could be a hermaphrodite.

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Welcome to the community, I see hairs but I do know what u mean by the look, I think ur fine but never hurts to get a second third opinion, @Covertgrower what you think?

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I think that one is both.
If it were a true calyx, it would be a lot slimmer.

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Looks like a mix to me.

I think that is a bit early to tell for certain…could go either way.

Thank you, everybody. I bought autoflower feminized seeds from ILGM but definitely could have stressed it since this is my first grow. Should I go ahead and pluck that off just to be sure and wait to see if any other sacs pops up before completely cutting the plant?

Pluck it off. Check for light leaks those usually cause it.