Need help setting up, which strain,which nedium

First time grower, what is a strain that is very strong, and high yield,hydro or soil, what set up and hiw many plants should I plant if I wanted to get about more than lb. Any suggetions,space is.nit a issue

A good strain for indoor yeild would be id either recommend either some lemon kush, or id recommend a blueberry of some short as they put off some great yeilds, as for how many to get a lb yeild depends on method used to grow (different methods have different yeilds), as well as lights, ventilation, and even water but if course to much of these can be detrimental to growing. I’d try and aim for 600 watt mh/hps set up also invest into a 400watt bulb of each as the 600 watt light could be to hit for them as they stretch closer to the lights, I usually use soil, hydro gets bigger plants with thicker leaves

Thxs majiktoker, is diesel, a high yielding plant

Dou have any grow journals on here or do u recommend a jouranl in here I could follow

Yea diesel yields up to 500grams per mtr2, so if recommend a diesel to be specific (ny deiesel) and I do not have any on here, I’d recommend follow garrigan62’s grow journal, his grow journal is for white widows, I think a couple were for auto flower white widow not sure, but you can use almost the exact same methods for your crops and should have great results. And about space you should only have 6 plants in a sq mtr, as they tend to stretch when they get switched to 12/12 for flower