Need help saving my soil plants

Hello all I have 2 plants in soil that need help. They have been a challenge for sure. A couple of weeks ago I tested the run off because I noticed they had stopped growing. The ph was almost 8.0 so I attempted to flush both of them with plain distilled water and I brought the ph down to 5.5. After a gallon each both plants stopped draining and was retaining all of the water. The ph also was not coming down.

I ended up reporting them to improve the drainage. I added more perlite and I washed the roots with water. The roots were wrapped around a big glob of dirt from the previous repot. I moved them from a gallon container to a 3 gallon container.

So I mixed in more perlite and I added the new mix to the bottom of the 3 gallon to about 3 inches. Then I added a layer of the clay hydro rocks hoping it would help. Then I put the plants in and I tried to spread the roots out across the container to give them some room to breathe.

I tested the soil after the first flush and the nutrient ppm was over 3000 as well which is another reason I washed the roots.

I replanted them and knew it will take a little time to recover but now it’s been 2 weeks and they are starting to look worse.

The lights are about 20 inches from the tops. Not sure what Other information you need to help diagnose. Here are some images. Thanks for any help on This. It’s been a long bumpy road for my first time.

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It sounds like you traumatized them pretty good, root spreading, etc. I think they need some time.

Are you using nutrients? If going organic I would top dress with some Earth Worm Castings, add some aloe water, some coconut water, and monitor progress.

I think it’s a lot to ask for them to rebound quickly with all that you have done to them.

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They where probable in lockout from PH being up so high. Not good to “chase” problems . Get your PH straight. Let them settle in. Then get your nutrients back in line. Consistency is what they like

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Sounds like he put them through a stress test


Thats why a bigger pot is always advisable, that was some kind of stress test!

throw the soil ph meter in the pic AWAY. its worthless.
get REAL PH meter and a PPM meter set. cheapos on amazon n ebay for $20. better ones start $40.

also, consider transplanting to 5 gallon buckets with drain holes.
suggest you consider laying down a layer of Fox Farms Ocean Grow on the bottom and Happy Frog as a top growing layer. Pretty much a self feeding situation. Once roots get to lower layer, it will be flowering.

You don’t have to throw the soil ph meter away just switch it to moisture and leave it so you can know when to water

Yeah I am giving them nutrients but I’ve not been giving them a lot yet because of how high the ppm was. I’ve been giving them nutrients about twice a week and about 400 ppm. So not entirely true. On days I just give plain water I have been adding small amounts of cal mag. They are not getting worse but they are taking a very long time to recover :confused:

That’s what I do. It always seems to read very wet close to the roots and dry as a bone in the outside which tells me I didn’t get the draining increased around the roots. I’m kind of stuck on what to do here

Yeah they are for sure stressed they he’ll out.

Thanks for all the advise guys. They are starting to look better now. Uploading: 03E6C878-3E3F-44C5-B81F-295D538BDF54.jpeg… Uploading: 7D88CF5F-79CF-495E-BF85-9EEB7D64B61A.jpeg…

Keep in mind that without good lighting you will NOT get solid buds …