Need help saving my plants

Anyone have a straight answer for this: Can I plant these feminized/autoflower seeds and get a descent yield?!? I assume will lose the Feminized aspect, but since crossed with ruderalis should remain autoflower???

More than likely yes it will remain an autoflower

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Actually I didn’t notice the damage until my next regular daily check. Then removed the MH light and left with 1 400WHPD @75%
I now have 3 grows going. The first is the remaining AK47 femauto 1 400Whps, was using 2 400W @75% but had to keep tent flaps open. Its like having the sun in the room! Reduced all grows to 1 400Whps, tent flaps closed and back to 88F 44%rh. decreased watering, using 75% of recommended plant food every 3 days, and use bottled water now for plain watering and spraying. Keep getting little spider or mite like critters under microscope, the ilgm root/bug/mold treatments work well. 6 plants per tent, going to have 3 plant grows with 2 grows per tent to have steady supply of various strains. Grow 2 got damaged the same as the AK in a different tent, resolved both the same way. Grow 2 has 2 super silver haze fem auto, 2 purple haze femauto and 2 gold leaf. 3rd grow just started 2 super silver haze and 1 ak47. I already ordered white widow feminized for my future grows and I am saving all seeds per strain for future grows of each strain at my disposal. Will be getting air conditioner for the entire grow room. grow room is insulated to its pretty warm in the outside of the tents. I like the setup and everything is working out GREAT except my errors. Practice will make perfect is my outlook, and to not trim yellow leaves just dead ones that just fall off by touching them. I need to be better about wearing the surgical gloves though. Can anyone tell me what kind of soil to get that does NOT have the time release nutrient pellets? Even if the bag says just soil, I still see those little balls that pop juice when squeezed. I am assuming these are the time release capsules.