Need Help Reading Apera EC60 Instruments

I just got an EC60 and don’t know what the readings mean.
Tap water reads Cond. 706 Tds 512 Sal. .06 Ph. reads 7.86 from my PH 60
Results from my underground rain Barrell collected from my roof and lawn.
Cond. 122.5 TDS 88.2 Sal. .06 Ph 7.57
I understand the ph, but those other numbers are Greek.
Out of the two water samples which would you water your plants with?

Conductivity is your EC. So you have a .7 ec with a 512ppm. Which also tells us it’s on the 700 scale of measurement. But I believe that meter can switch between 500 and 700 scale. Looks like your rain water is better due to being much lower in total dissolved solids. 512 is pretty high.

Oh and the sal is salinity which you are in the marginal range for drinking water.

Thank you!