Need help please!


@latewood I want to ask you something but I don’t want to do this on here… How I contact you?
Or maybe you can contact me on email?


Try support. Trust seems to be the biggest issue. The second thing I said is guessing. Earning some though will open up more things you can do on this site.


@M4ur @latewood can PM you when he catches up!


Thx for info @bob31.


If I reply to someone several times in a post, it asks me if I want to message them. Is that an option?


Yes they just trying to spread the replys I just keep replying to who I want


Hey M4,

There is no way to contact me other than in the forum. I do not open channels to contact me, or I would have 100 extra emails every day. What is your issue?


Security risk (cops can intercept this channel of communication?). You can check if are more IP address related to my country?


It appears that there are no other IP’s dedicated to your account. In the US we do not have to worry if we are just doing small grows for personal use. Not sure about how harsh the laws are in your Country.

Why do you feel you are at risk?


It’s legal to have seeds because them are considered souvenirs but everything else it’s illegal so I’m a little worry about growing and consuming mj. I don’t sell anything, just personal use. Definitely I don’t want to be caught because I’m growing and I’m paranoid about everything, “prevention is mother’s of success”.
PS I mean if are other IP address visiting this forum from my country… I don’t know you can check this out😯


My general thought is that if there is no reason for anyone to look in your closet - the law of otherwise - who is to know? Tell no one and don’t be silly. I’m pretty sure your name is not M4ur… :slight_smile:


@M4ur, all of us have had to deal with this same problem at one time or another. At least you are allowed to have seeds as souvenirs, we can’t even do that in my state! Like all of us, you will have to make that decision to come to terms on how important the marijuana plant is to you. For me, it gives pain relief and a restfull sleep. Only you know how bad the repercussions of growing are in your country. I wish you luck in your decision and hope you will be able to come to terms with your situation. Good Luck, Mike