NEED HELP PLEASE my leaves are changing colors

Got some spots on my skunk looks like dirt but it’s the leaves change colors I think I need to give them some cal/mag

Almost a rust color i’ll take it out and put it under a better light and get a better picture of it sorry

Have you given any nutes could be some nute splash

Yes I have

I hope that is all it is

I had the same thing happen to me just watch it it shouldn’t grow if it’s just nute splash I would check pH and keep everything the same wouldn’t worry about it just keep an eye on it

LED users should remember that others don’t see much of anything but purple in your pictures.

Others can help much more if you take your pictures with normal lighting
-thank you


Its hard to tell anything under the leds

Check PH and check PPM of run off
With out pictures hard to say what we are looking at
Its common to get mag lock out because of PH and I find its around this stage of groth.
It never hurts to flush 20L ph’ed 5.7 water thru and add new nutes as per recommended levels
I would add 1/4 tsp of epson salt too and Cal/Mag as per instructions
This is my standard answer to anything not right with plants
Less is More

When I get off of work today I get home I will get some pictures under normal lighting I meant to do it last night but I have to be up and at work at 4 AM just didn’t have time to do it I apologize for the shotty pictures under the LED I knew better than that

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After a long ass day finally get a chance to send out some pictures

And this is all of the stuff that I use does anyone see any issues with this stuff I would appreciate any feedback thanks everyone I use fox farm Ocean blend I’ve seen people not even use nutrients for eight I’m using RTI Extreme Gardening Mykos Granular… FOR starting seed and transplant along with General Hydroponics Flora Grow,… the 3 pack h, ph​:arrow_up:&:arrow_down: Liquid seaweed & cal/mag that’s about it

I think you are adding too many different additives to such a young plant; Especially in Ocean Forest soil You should not need to add nutrients for at least a month or so.

You do not need CalMag at all in this current application or cycle (The Ocean Forest has plenty). The Granular is being misused because you are not seed starting.

When you say you are using Flora series Grow from the 3 part package; What do you mean exactly?

You are supposed to use = parts of each for the veg stage. Grow-icro-Bloom
which equates to 1-1-1 part of each. After a few more weeks Start out with a tsp. (5ml) of each). Less is more. Shoot for approx. 800 ppm. Alternate with pure PH’d 6.5 water in between nutrient feedings.

I am serious about you not needing to use nutrients at this time.

Here is a link to a paper I wrote almost 10 years ago.

It has over 41,000 views at CannabisDOTCOM Still pinned at top of Hydro section. You do not have to follow it exactly as I have posted. It can be used in many configurations. I do recommend you start simple and balanced, so that when you want to customize the formula you know more about what you are doing.

Hope this helps, lw :slight_smile:

I am surprised you did not buy Foxfarm Organic nutrients to go with your Ocean Forest but, I am an expert on 3-part and can help you learn how to use this extremely versatile nutrient system.


I have not started using newts yet I did start a mix and I’m doing like you said before I even got your message to do a quarter of what it recommends I’m not sure why I didn’t go with the Fox Farm newts but I read a lot of good things about the three part nudes I have I just got everything I needed just in case I need it thank you for your information