Need help please! Is this a ph issue?

Strain White Widow
Ocean Forest soil
Indoor grow well water ph at 7-6.9
Lighting 18on 6 off Hydrofarm CMH 315 watt
Teemp 77 day 70 night

appears to be a ph issue yes target ph should be 6.5 7-6.9 is too high

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Humidity at 40 days 45 night
no Co2
Humidifier 18on 6 off
Fox Farm Grow Big and Big Bloom 1/2 strength at the end of week 1 and week 2
I have been guilty of overwatering and i am stretching it out between watering days
Very strong plants and a good grow till a couple days ago they started to show these symptoms. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

Thanks Donaldj
This was my guess but it is my first grow and i was hoping the girls would be more tolerant. I will adjust the ph with the next watering.