Need help plants look bad

I need some help please! I have 3 plants white widdow, bubble gum and ak47 they were growing fast and healthy but all of a sudden about two weeks ago the colors started to change pale on the outside rims of the leaves and now brown spots in the center. I’m growing indoors 3 3 gallon pots happy frog potting soil the temperature stays around 80 the humidity around 50 I feed every 3 days and water on the third rotation example (feed feed water) a half of a gallon each time 6.5 ph I use theflora Nova nutrients the veg one as directed I have cut away the affected and dead leaves and now its slowly spreading. Please help. ![20191015_152943|666x500](upload://tQ9QuSENgvCvHO9NavoyuNqXM


Can you fill out a support ticket?

I see you said pH is 6.5. Is that just before feed/water, or is that runoff?

What kind of water? RO/distilled/tap/well?
Looks like some magnesium and a little calcium issues.

Tap water 6.5 before and after

Welcome to the community looks like you got off to a good start. My first thoughts looking at the pictures . I know you said your pH is 6.5 I would start by verifying my pH meter in a clean bottle of 7 solution. I would also measure my PPM on run off and see where you’re at. Just my thoughts on a place to start good luck.

First let me welcome you to the community. You could not have picked a better place to be!

My first thought is light burn with a calmg deficiency. I am sure others will chime in with help.

Good luck!!

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It almost looks like a nitrogen deficiency. Like it’s pulling nutrients from the tips to support the new growth. Just a guess

I’d say cal mag.

Magnesium deficiency.
Add 1 tbs Epsom salt /gal when watering or feeding.

Cal mag will work if you have it.

Im not saying it’s not true, but I’ve never had my runoff exactly the same as my water/nutes.