Need help plants care n topping advise

Hey I have my two bag seed plants want to make sure I’m not up with them since this my 1st grow.

Also I need to knw if I can top this plant that already been topped n where do I top it at on the n plant

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I think your plant looks good minimal amount of nute Burn on tips of a couple leafs. from the soil being a little hot or what you’re feeding it with. You can top your plant again if you like. If you fill out support ticket you’ll get more feedback. Hope that helps good luck

topping can be done at the growing tip. either as a FIM method or simpler top just above two stems branching out.

Where should I top her at with this plant

1st pic is one side of the coals from the last top
2nd pic is the other side
3rd pic is the whole plant at the last topped part

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Just above where you see a new branch will start.
Or just take the very top of it.