Need help plants are starting to act up

Hi I’m a new grower my babies are on day 29 since germination I already went to my local shop and he helped out saying it’s thrips so I sprayed them down and also from my own research decided to do a flush because I wasn’t p.hing their water so I thought it could be a posible nitrogen toxicity by the symptoms anyways I’m posting because I rather get all the input that I can get and help me diagnose my babies before the problem gets worse IMG_4644IMG_4645IMG_4648IMG_4649IMG_4650IMG_4652

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Looks like nute burn, but fill out a support ticket and you’ll get great advice from lots of knowledgeable folks!

Thanks but they wer already getting scab looking things before I even gave them their first feed and all the burnt looking parts went from green to light green to burnt looking but I’m gonna fill out one of the support things and see what they say appreciate it

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Is it possible that you got drops of water on the leaves?

Does it look like thrips to you I just haven’t seen anything moving on my plants and I check on them regularly I would say obsessively lol

I see no evidence of thrips. My guess is you got some water drops on the leaves while the lights were on and it burned them.

I think I’ve dealt with those in the past. Look for little white lines or dots on the underneath of your leaves or along the middle of the stem of your Leaf. Sometimes they blend in really well. There may be only one on a leaf but if you see any of those Dew marks or it looks like little shiny paths put on the leaves then I’m guessing they’re somewhere around your plant? De (food grade) and some of those sticky trap things help me get rid of them. Hope you can figure out your problem for sure. Good luck

Thanks yeah I’ve seen white small lines but I was thinking it was from the air blowing that some of the stuff mixed in the soil that looks similar to what your describing but yeah some leaves are getting this sheen that looks like slug mess left behind but it’s dry and I know there are no slugs around Ima try that sticky trap idea

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Next time your lights are on and you’re in your room and you see one of those white lines like in the middle of a vein or on a leaf just chilling out, put your thumb or finger on the leaf and move it towards that little line. it’s crazy but those little buggers have a mind of their own. They will actually start to crawl and flee from your finger. Squish them then take appropriate measures. Haha.

If you find that you do have little critters on your leaves there are two things you can do. One is on Amazon a while back I bought a product call SnS 209. It’s systemic so you feed it to your plant over the course of five straight feedings I believe. That worked really well. Takes a little time but it will knock them out.
The other success I’ve had with them is putting a little sand on top of the soil with a little de (food grade!). More de than sand but you get the idea. Then it never hurts to put out a few of those yellow sticky traps. Even if you don’t see fliers lay some down on your soil. You’ll be amazed at all the little dots/lines that gets stuck on them. It’s crazy.
Good luck. I’m sure there’s some pros that can help better than me. It just sounds familiar to what I had. Good luck!

Yeah that’s what my local plant guy gave me I did the foliar spray so Ima see how it goes and hopefully I don’t notice any new damage thanks for the info and help

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Good luck. Stick with whatever you’re using and follow the directions. You should start to see it turn around soon I would hope. If it doesn’t seem to be doing the job just post some more questions and I’m sure some of the pros will have some tried-and-true methods.