Need help picking seeds/strains for 9a - south Texas


Drinkin and drilling not advised


Helllll yea. 175 grain will drill two holes at the same time.


Yo samity Sam is at it again


Im the rooinist toitinis ciw poke who ever rootin tootened


Y’all are funny! I think I’m going to like it around here. Lol! I usually use a .40 cal for aerating my burn barrels or I’ll tape some targets to a barrel and do some target shooting with my 300 win mag. Never was much of an Ought-Six fan - I just figured if I’m going to shoot a .30 cal, I might as well shoot one with hair on its chest, like the Win Mag or .300 Norma. But they’ll all work.

I really appreciate all the help and advice and I’m looking forward to getting started! I’m going to start another thread with some questions I have on PH, water and soil. I’ll find a more appropriate section to put it in, though. Hope y’all will jump in there also!