Need help outdoor top branches droop?

Hello I am new to Ilgm. I started growing around a month ago and everything was going fine. I transplanted from a 3 gallon pot to 65 gallon pot out doors. During the transplant the soil started to give way so I slowly walked over to fabric pot and gently sat them down. 1 plant was unaffected and one has being having little issues… after the transplant the plant was a little droopy … so I drug it in the shade for a few days where it would get spots of light throughout the day… after three days I noticed at night and in the morning it would be perky and as it got warmer the top branches would bend over… 4th day was fine so I drug it in sun… was good all day and this morning as well until 9 am. After 2 hours of sun the tops bent over again? I watered it the day it was good all day then the next droopy?

Maybe just hasn’t rooted in as well as others. How long ago was transplant?

It was last monday. It’s been 90 + every day in cali since. She seems to be doing a lot better. She’s still in the spotted shade. Maybe tomorrow I’ll drag her back to the sun and see how she does. Yeah the other 2 are doing great they have caught up to this one :smile: I’m going to ease back into feeding her.

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