Need help out side grow in week 4 of flower


Old man time out door grow

Not sure what is going on. Do they look normal.? Help please


I think you’ve got a male. Could you post those pics one at a time so I can zoom in, please?


Will try New at this



I’m not positive, but I think you’ve got a hermie. What are your concerns with the plant?


Thanks that is what i was thinking. These are away from the other plants. I guess I will have seeds.


Oh, I’m sorry, that sucks. I just looked at some hermied plants, and yes, I’m pretty sure that’s what you’ve got. Just keep it away from the ladies, and probably throw it in the trash.


I dont see anything of concern at this point in time… :wink:
Dont see no nanners… nothing unusual at this point… although they look a lil heat streased… I would put up some shee cloth… sun is to Intense right now… at least that’s what they’re saying… :wink:



Really, @peachfuzz, you don’t see balls and callyx? Lol, ok, hon.


Really I don’t…

You would be extremely surprised on how some of these strains grow…
I really dont see anything to be concerned about… I’ve zoomed as much as I can and I dont see anything of concern… :wink:



Okay, I actually wasn’t positive, so I’ll defer to your more conservative eye.


Your girls must barely stand a chance… slow down Paul bunyan… lol
I still luv u @raustin … :wink:
Outdoor will really throw you for a loop if you’ve never been outside before… way to many things to fight… but still think they are in the good at this point…
I’m not chasing you down… lol

I swear …:wink:
At this point I would let them grow… for real… :wink:


Lol, I love killing plants, what can I say? I see a plant and say, hey, that thing needs to die, so let me chop it down. :rofl::joy:

I’ve never grown outside cause the nuns wouldn’t like it.


Ok … I’m really sorry for this hijacking… truly… :wink:
Its alot of fun… but oh my god… it’s so much work… I had to cut them down with a chain saw… trunks were definitely bigger then my leg… supper sick… :wink:
Maybe a new thread… the story of craziness… lol…


Thanks for all the help its been 40 years a lot has changed.


Outside photoperiod plants don’t start to flower until about August in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s controlled by the length of the night. When nights get longer, they go into flowering mode. Putting plants outside too early can confuse them if nights are still too long. They start to flower, then nights get shorter and they go back to vegetation. Then in August nights start to get longer and they go into flowering mode. All that stress can make hermies.


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Nanny or Laurel?


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I was just getting started.