Need Help one of my plants got attacked

I have a little problem with one of 1 month old plants ,The wife’s cat decided to eat almost all

the fan leaves off it .what should I do and will it recover ? All the undergrowth seems not to mind but I was always told not to mess with the fan leaves .

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Welcome to ilgm!!! Do you have any pictures

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First go buy a catnip plant…lol
Second they can take a beating and keep on ticking…
Is this a tent grow or outside?

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Thank you , I’ll post some up when I get home

Lol, yeah I should get some . I have a indoor baby grow right now

this was born the 3rd of last month

Looks no worse for the wear to me.
Other than the cap nipping everything else going ok with them for you?

Risk of letting pets in the grow room is they can carry in little pests that are harder too see and deal with
Up to you

Nice job on the lst and all
Might wanna think about bending that main stalk down and circle it around as it grows

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Yeah she is happy as can be at this point and I’m trying my best to keep it that way. she’s a cross of pineapple express and sour diesel .

Love my Pineapple Express
Looking at 4 of them right now growing up and have 2 in flower.
Never had the cross your growing but it sounds good

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I got a few seed off a buddy , I don’t know how good it’s going to be ,this is my first real try at growing indoors

Some good info for ya

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plant will recover. suggest you transplant to a much larger pot


We like to call this “super cat cropping” the results will be ppuuuurrrrrhrrfect


Almost looks like it’s in liquid not soil


I just did this plant
LST and tie down and removed some leaves

Are you growing in soil or water?

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It’ll bounce back! Did the cat pass out?

Yeah, what’s the plastic bag wrapped ball it’s growing in?

I bet you will miss that cat. If mine… I’d make a cat skin cap or something useful. LOL

I was thinking it looked like one of those throw away small beer kegs you can get at drive throughs

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yeah sorry this one I started out by seed using the kratky method it seems to be working so far so we’ll see what happens as it gets bigger