Need help once again

People on here have helped me many times before and have given me many solutions to many problems. Anyway, this is a zkittles by ilgm strain. She is 4 weeks and 5 days into flowering and began drooping about 5 days ago. She is in a dwc setup using hydroton and a 5 gallon bucket. I use the technaflora recipe for success line of of nutrients. A couple leaves had dried up and turned brown just 2 days ago. I think she is experiencing nutrient lockout because I read that excess potassium can cause that and i used a terpene booster with my last feed. Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Did you water them recently? Usually droopy leaves are a sign of overwatering.

Can you tell us more? Like soil, nutrients and feeding schedule, how/when you water, and lighting

No particular feeding schedule. I just keep an eye on the reservoir and mix a gallon solution at a time when its low. Im running 2 Maxsisun MF1000s.

I’ll tell you this from personal experience.

If she’s locked out, it’s time to do two things- very carefully move her to a new container with fresh plain water, and scrub the bejeesus out of your system. Main reservoir (if it is anything beyond the 5gal bucket she lives in) and the bucket she lives in.

I say be very careful because her root mass is very likely absolutely massive and lifting it out of the water shifts all the stress of the weight onto the upper portion of the root structure. I absolutely killed a beautiful DWC plant by not being cautious enough lifting her for water change day.

The lockout won’t go away without a good scrub and rinse - I tried for a few weeks with no success to get my locked out lady to eat again by gradually diluting. It was not until she got a totally fresh reservoir and clean home that she started to bounce back.

As an aside, one thing to look for when it’s water change time is the root health. If she’s still crisp and white, you’re doing it right. If it’s not, it’s time to evaluate for things like water temps, light leaks, and sufficient microbial life to combat bad nasties.

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This sucks to hear because its such a hassle to do a complete bucket change but thank you for the advice. I will give it a try.

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