Need help on when to harvest

I’m a first time grower growing auto flowers. When do I know when it’s time to harvest. Here’s what they look like now.

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First two pics still have several weeks to go. Second two pics look like much sooner, maybe a couple/three. Gotta look at your trichomes up close. Shoot for all cloudy with some amber.


Yeah, looks like you still have a few weeks to go. Get a jewelers loop or a magnifier that’ll hook to your phone and start looking at the trichomes.


the pistils need to turn colors and retract back to the calyx before it’s ready to harvest. They will normally turn reddish brown. But they can turn other colors. Watching just trichomes can be frustrating and cause a bad harvest as cloudy trichomes can return to being clear. Once the pistils have turned colors and retracted, using a jewelers loop or magnifying class will be helpful to time a good harvest. You want almost no clear trichomes, a majority of cloudy trichomes, and 15% to 20% amber trichomes.

Pistil watching can also be frustrating because a plant can also put out new calyxs and pistils at the end even when it’s time to harvest. So you are looking at the plant overall and when the majority of pistils have retracted you are very close.

I think correct timing on harvest is the most difficult part of growing and it just takes many many grows to get good at it.



Thanks for your help !!!


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Thanks !!!

Here’s a couple bud pics of a gorilla glue auto I’m waiting on. Day 38 since I saw first pistils. I estimate 3 more weeks if this gives you any idea.