Need help on scrogging


Question from a fellow grower;

I received my 20 ww seeds a few months ago, planted 6 and 5 germinated December 1st. I was reading your article about scrogging, do I place my trellis net 25 inches from the top of the pot or from the floor? In Some of the pictures the screen appears about 2 feet from the floor. My plants are 14 inches tall , is that normal at this stage? I have had some issues with maintaining temperature (average 62-88) has been low as 47 and high as 107. 1000 watt hps in 5 by 5 grow room. Had an issue with nutrient deficiency around 2 and half weeks leaves yellowing on 2 of them. Used happy frog potting soil to start and mills a and b, start r, and vitalize in water. Used mostly tap water which has a ph of 8 until the leaves turned yellow I transplanted the plants in 7 gallon pots using pro mix myco and every time I water them I use the nutrients. ( ph of 6.3 ) plants look healthy but I wonder if they should be taller at this stage.
Thank you for the articles and tutorials they have been helpful. I will start another grow in about 2 weeks without a tent using 2 1000 watt hps lights and will attempt 10 plants this time. I am a beginner thanks again


Honestly it sounds like they are doing good. Ph Is at its sweet spot at 6.6 for soil 6.3 your on the low end for soil. At this point it sounds like they have adeaquate light and are ok the more plants you do the more light youll need, it’s 50 watts for every sqft


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Thanks @MacGyverStoner, also to better help maintain temps (our fellow grower) you can add more ventilation. The more ventilation that is present in your grow room the better heat can be controlled and also with having temperature problems, id be willing to guess your humidity may not be stable as well. These are things you want to pay attention to.

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