Need help on new watering schedule!

Hello. I’m a first time grower. My plants were badly drooping after a couple hours I switched to HPS - 12/12. Plants didn’t have enough water so they just drooped as seen in the first pic. First time I’ve had problem like this, and it’s on 32nd day, when I switched to flowering.

I watered them and they just perked up. The angle of photo is a little bad, it looked better than this. I have two blue dreams one og kush and one white widow. Blue dream was the most affected strain.

My water schedule during veg was giving each plant 250 ml every 2 days and they were fine until I switched to 12/12. Clearly, I have to increase amount of water substantially. I’m working with limited resources (my tent is small, have a fan and a carbon filter but temperature is around 27-32 celcius (80-90fahrenheit) and that’s the best I can do - more noise puts me under great risk and any kind of growing equipment is expensive here)

My pots are about 5 gallons each.

Under these circumstances, should I water to runoff (in my case probably about 4-6 litres which is 25 times what I was giving during veg period) and wait for 3-4 days? I’m worried that I won’t be able to control this and see the leaves curling because of overwatering.

Thank you!

Yes, and water more often.

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