Need help on light intensity

i was impulsive and instead of doing the proper amount of research i bought a whole set up. this includes a 1000watt hid light with a 440cfm in-line fan for a 2x3x6 tent. i’m wondering if heat is an issue as i’m sure i can lst the plants to stay short & bushy enough. i’m running a dwc system with 2 large air stones in a 11 gallon tote so i’m hoping the humidity at the root is enough to keep her cool. leaving ab an inch or two under net pots for extra oxygen. all info, opinions, and constructive criticism welcome and appreciated.
thanks again
oh! and the strain is zkittles from ilgm


I am in soil and know nothing about DWC so good luck with all that…But keep the air inside the tent moving at all times, start em young and have a gentle breeze on to strengthen the stem as they grow you will have to adjust the fans but so long as you have air moving and the light isnt about to violate the plants personal space you will be fine, you could follow the light manufacturers height recommendations or go for DLI but that is a completely different topic and you would have to see @Nicky for that

Good luck!!!


Heat very well may be a concern. Even with RDWC it be hard not running a chiller and an AC unit.
Hid can get hot and you got a big boy at 1000w…
As you probably know hydro solution needs to stay under 70.
Not saying it’s impossible but you could possibly get an led that would run cooler fir the price of an AC, if you needed a chiller and upgraded to RDWC then you can definitely get a good led fir that money…

Insulate the tub to some how could help.

I started my 1st grow 8 weeks ago with a DWC 2 5 gallon buckets with air stones and pump outside the tent. Running a 300 watt mars hydro LED light (much much cooler then the hid bulb) in a 2’x4’x6’ tent, inline fan, 2 small fans. After @ 3 weeks I gave up and transplanted my ladies to coco perlite mix medium. The water in your tote will always get to the temperature in the surronding tent if not using a chiller. I tried frozen soda bottles, reflective duct tape on the buckets, nothing worked. If the tent was 78-80, the water would be 78-80.

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Frozen water bottles do work but have to be often changed like alot. I stopped my buckets because I didn’t want to invest in a chiller unless insulated super well to block out the heat pretty much what the room temp is is gonna be close to what the res temp is unless in a separate room outside the tent then u may b ok but light hits it will heat it up no question even in a bucket lol have to have time reflective insulation all around the res might possibly work hope u get this figured out.