Need help on leaf color change

Hi. I have a question. A few of my leafs are turrning yellowish and can’t figure it out. Using nectar from gods. Ph 6.4 in ff of. And co co 50/50 I’ve Ben on sceduale. used Epsom salt which seem to helped some. I’m in week 5. This is really the only 1 out of 5 doing this so any suggestions be appreciated.

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I am using NoTG for the first time also. I had the Same deficiency. I got some Pegasus Potion and did a foliar spray just before lights out a couple times and the used a drench. I diagnosed my issue as nitrogen deficiency . It cured my problem.

Agree it looks like nitrogen deficiency.

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So think there just not enough in there products then! Gues I’ll try and blast with cal mag and see what happens. Thanks for the quick reply.

Nitrogen I meant. Ha.

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I’m too new to the product line to determine if they are light on nitrogen. I know my growth has been big and that may have cause some of the issues, outgrowing supply.

Thanks buddy. Me too. First time indoor and it’s a pain in the A** nothing like outdoor.! A buddy of mine talked me into these nutes and I originally was going to use ff but I’m sure it will taste better with nftg. Just have to go heavy on nuts instead of light I guess. I’ve been halving everything of recommended. But this last feeding I used ff grow big so I could load up on N. And it’s helping. The ffof has a lot of nutes and didn’t have feed for a month. And was 50% co co. Almost to much N. Even mixed. Super green and dark blue patches. But went thro great. Have 3 difrent strains. NL. Pineapple exp. and Bruce Banner. All have been good with feeding exept that 1 pineapple and it was genetically messed up from beginning. Growing all akward like I topped it. Took off to the right after 2 nodes and way smaller. Like a 3 eyed fish out of the river ha. By the way are you using full strength on yours or?
Thanks again.

Right now I’m using 1.5 the recommended feeding rate. I upped the dosage because my slurry tests have been coming back very low, in the 150-200 range. I have one plant that I am working on getting the ph down as it is a little high fo my liking. The one thing I don’t like is how the soil becomes “clogged” with the bone meal. It takes me a long time to feed the plants. They certainly grow big and fast. I have been away for about a week so I am looking forward to seeing them in a few days.

Looks like magnesium deficiency, maybe a touch of calcium. Do you have a pic of the whole plant?

Youre in 50%ffof and 50% coco, correct?

Thanks Bubblehead that helps! I fed last night and noticed my ph out is 6 6.5 in so that’s probably most of it. I did 3/4 feeding and all plants seem lighter today so probably a lock out. Ppm is 340 in and little over 800 out and at mid flower. So those numbers are pretty close I think. Correct me if I’m wrong.
I couldn’t leave my plants 3 days or they would be a match stick. Here’s a pick of plant can see she’s lime.

I ordered the NFTGs sample pack last year and used it on two grows, 7 total plants. Had the same issue on some of the plants and like you determined it was a nitrogen issue. I even emailed the company and they were very helpful. If you include photos they will try to help. I upped the amount of Athena’s Aminas since its the one nitrogen product in the line. It never got completely back to normal but it stopped the yellowing and improved quite a bit.
Here is a pic of one…

In my opinion its a nice product line. I never did a flush and fed every watering full strength from the beginning of flower until the last week when I gave RO water only. Only had a slight tip burn on the leaves, but i always have that. But i really got tired of lugging the bottles out every two or three days to mix up the water. I ran out of Herculean Harvest and decided to try a different product. I am using mega crop now and really like it. It is so simple and I no longer have the nitrogen problem. No nute burn either yet…

Cool. That helps a lot! Seemed like soon as the nutes in dirt ran out and I started nftg is when it all happened. I’ll double up on that then and see we’re I’m at. Good show brother. You can see my cuttings at bottom right are green. There in 50/50 now

And mine was the same…did not show up the same on all the plants…
Some microbial product might help too. Worm tea or a Mikos type product.

On the positive side the plant finished just fine, so no worries even if it does not get 100% better.

If you’re in 50/50 ffof and coco the initial nutes will run out fairly quickly. If you continue with the same blend I’d begin the feeding schedule a couple weeks earlier next time.

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This is first time and all was going great. They were super healthy at 3.5 to 4 weeks with a bit to much n from soil. I was surprised it went that long with that mix. But yea I’m with you on earlier feeding so it takes over. I’ll do coco next time. Just wanted to see how it went with first grow. That’s odd that 1 out of 2 same strains would do that. Genetics is all I can think of. Oh well learn as ya grow. I’ll try some castings. These autos are interesting.
And thank you guys for the help. I didn’t think I’d need any but I was way wrong .