NEED HELP on Germinating Royal Purple Kush!

Hi Guys

This is my 2nd time Growing, but I have trouble germinating this time.
The strain is Royal Purple Kush Auto by Emerald Triangle Seeds.

I dropped 2 seeds in a glass of distilled water for 18 hours until they sunk to the bottom of the glass.
Then I put them in wet paper towel and waited for 96 hours checked daily to make sure the paper towel doesn’t dry out.
But NO tap root showed.

Afraid of the seeds become rotten, I place each of them in solo cup with soil and added 30ml of ph-ed water and cover it with plastic humidity dome and place them in dark warm place.

It has been 48 hours but they have not seemed to grow.


  1. Do you think these seeds will grow?
  2. Should I place them under the LED light now or should I leave them in the dark?

Appreciate your advices

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Good Morning :blush:. Did you have the damp paper towels in a sandwich bag and in a warm place? It sounds like you did everything the way it was supposed to be. IMO I don’t think they will be viable seeds! :blush::v:


Well, at this point, it’s not going to hurt to watch and wait. I use light right away only seeds but some don’t… in a few day, go digging carefully in the soil to see if you can find them. By then, if you don’t have roots, you may need to drop some more.

I put a few drops of H202 in my soaking water.


Yes I did put them paper towel in ziplock bag.
I did the same thing on my 1st grow and was successful.

I hope it is still viable though

Sometimes they’re just slow, but then sometimes… Give them another couple of days and if they don’t pop, I’d contact whoever they were purchased from. Sorry they aren’t going well!


Will do that
thank you for your advice

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I’m a newbie but I’m 4/4 on seeds. I leave in water until they sprout. Dark area and just wait. I believe that’s what the Ilgm Bible said to do. Tried different ones and all have done well that way. They usually take 36-48hrs

I was going to put them back, but I read an article if they soaked too long, the seed will get rot, thats why I didnt

How long was her taproot approximaty 48 hours?

Umm mine were 1/8-1/4in maybe they weren’t that big at all but worked. I planted the first 3 directly into their final resting areas and they have exploded ever since. Took them 2 days to pop out of soil and this is 38 days later. The 4th seed I haven’t planted yet as I just germinated it and am planting it tonight.


Try 5ml of store bought hydrogen peroxide to 50ml of water. Wait until the seed cracks and shows a tail, then put in paper towel in a baggie. If the seed doesn’t crack in the water, it’s more than likely bad. Hydrogen peroxide helps the seed soften up and open. I did a thread on it about 4 years ago. I’ve had no failures with this method since a created that post @22nory.


The 1/3 hydrogen peroxide to water helped my last seeds sprout in 24 hours. Not sure if it was just a coincidence but they were the fastest seeds ive sprouted so far and it was the first time i tried the hydrogen peroxide.


I always use to use the paper towel. But the last few ive sprouted right in small solo cups of seed starter mix. They stay there for about a month. Probably less if you feed them.

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