Need help on best QB for my Tent size

I was reading that tonight about i think it was 3 months of veg? Crazy!
Lol i am more confused then ever! Doesn’t take much for me though. Lol. Anyways i hinted to the wife about getting the 320XL kit. Said it would be a nice Christmas present for me! And she said YES. I am so excited. Thanks so much for all your help dbrn32

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Considering your concerns about power cost and that you live in a hot area the 320xl would be great, I have one myself. @dbrn32 steered me into it last year and I’m glad he did.
You will be happy, always good news when the wife’s are on board!

That being said I’m also wondering why you want to go with autos. Autos can be less work because you don’t really trim them, they CAN be less potent, may yeild less and they CAN finish sooner (but some get stuck and end up vegging for a long time, genetics are important as always)
Photos genetics will almost always be more reliable and stronger.

I woild suggest that you buy autos and photos and try one of each in your tent, the auto will adjust to the light scedule of the photo.


They both take the same time only you lose control with an autoflower.

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I wouldn’t say you loose control.
I would say you have slightly less control in trade for slightly less maintance.

Personally I work away and have the wife adjust lights, water, feed etc for 2 or 3 weeks at a time.
So in order for her to have to do less I leave my light timers alone and she doesn’t have to trim, she can Tuck leaves if she feels like it and that will help but aside from that it’s no real big deal we still average almost 5oz a plant in about 70 days from seed. You can still FIM them, LST them for better yeild (I’m starting to FIM now after a year of not doing anything)

Now with a photo you should be pruning it, scrog it, or you could top it a couple times and of course you could FIM it as well. They grow a bit slower but you can veg for longer if you want and produce bigger more likely more potent yeilds.

Again I suggest running both and seeing what you prefer

I was all set to do photos when i saw a video on autos and how they had a shorter grow period. The guy made the autos sound like the second coming. Looked for a couple of autos forums and was starting to do some research on them. Was even researching seed banks. Already have my photo seeds and the one strain i would have been growing with a auto if i decided to go that route. But i think i will go with my photo seeds for now. I do have a question for you Nicky. I was thinking of growing only two plants maybe three. Wondering what your thoughts were? Thanks so much Nicky

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My thoughts are you should really order some auto seeds. Drop one of each and see the difference for yourself. This would help you going forward for years as to what you want to grow. It’s totally worth the wait if you order some today.

Personally I like autos. They have came along way, they are becoming more and more popular for a reason.
If you have lots of spare time then sure go with photos but I find most people love to grow but still have busy life’s. I don’t know what your personal life schedule is, if your retired, if your a dad with 3 kids and a full time job who does OT from time to time, if your a stay at home mom, if your a teen who doesn’t do his homework and has lots of free time everyday after school…
Lots of variables

Get 1 auto 1 photo drop them the same day, FIM them and watch the battle. Decide the winner for yourself.

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Nicky i am retired so tons of time to devote to my grow. On my test run of my system for about 5 weeks i monitored my tent probably at the minimum ten times a day. Dialing in Rh, temps, air control, checking ph and etc. I spend probably 3 or more hours daily reading and watching videos. My test run with soil was with Roots Organic but with my actual grow i am going to use Kind Soil with the Roots again. Watching as many videos as possible on that soil and i am liking what i am finding.

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Go photos then for sure and learn how to build a scrog (@merlin44 has amazing ones), be sure to keep the 2 plants scrog nets separate so you can raise/move one at a time.

Ps I like your avatar of the volcano dial I wish they put that on the original. I want a sticker so I can stick it on my volcano.

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Photo’s is mixed with a less than opportune plant to make an auto. Changing a light from 18/6 to 12/12 really isn’t less maintenance for a higher THC content and dbl yield.

The dispensary i frequent gives all medical patients a happy face sticker to put on their shirt or blouse to make sure the budtenders know you are a medical patient. It’s orange so it goes well with the Volcano. Best investment i made to protect my lungs and love the fact i can dial in what terpenes i need to extract at full potential.

Yeah I only smoke out of the volcano or my CFV fill conversation vape, the cfv has a weak charge port though I am going to get the crafty next.

@dbrn32 i noticed GrowersLights has them on sale and was wondering what you thought about them being a reliable company to buy the HLG 320XL R from?

About as good as you get. they are authorized retailer of authentic hlg products.

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