Need help on an issue

This is my 3rd attempt and the 3rd time was charm 5/5 purple haze one runt and the rest might as well be quadruplets I am about 3-4 weeks in and have only fed them once and it was a minimal amount of Fox Farms Big Bloom mixed at 50% of the recommendation on the bottle as many have posted here and it was a very minimal spritz on the ground next to the plant followed by a little water. I am using PH balanced rain water which by meter is showing 6.2 - 6.4 range and I shoot for the lower end. I am using Ocean Earth Medium mixed as follows 3 cups of OE with 2 cups of Coir with 3 cups of mixed in. They all have been doing great I am watering every 3rd day with spritzing twice a day in between. All Water and and food has been PH Balanced to the range mentioned above. Yesterday I noticed a blotch on one of the plants today I pulled it out so I could take a closer look at it and here is what I have going on. I will mention that on seeing this I went ahead and did a full feed of Fox Farm Big Bloom mixed as I mentioned above only this time I fed it until the water came out the bottom which I gathered in a cup and tested of course for Ph on the out flow - 6.2 going in 6.4 coming out. I have not used Cal Mag yet if this is a deficiency, I would assume the Fox Farm would do the trick and it is only showing up on one plant. I an running a 4 bulb T5 HO fixture placed about 6 inches above the plant and my temps and humidity are all running in the right range for the plants. Can anyone give me some feedback on what is going on with the one plant. Not sure why one and not the others unless it has just not shown up yet in the rest. Definitely not mildew they do have adequate ventilation using a fan and up till now they have been showing no signs of issues.

The bottom photo the one at the top is the one with the issue a slight leaf curl and some leaf spots. I put a currently healthy one next to it for comparison. Oh the pots are 6 inches across and they have been transplanted out of there original jiffy pots and showed no sign of stress or root binding when they were transplanted about a week ago.

Also does anyone else notice PH creep - I am using one gallon milk jugs and have them all marked appropriately water/Food/Cal Mag 3 separate jugs, I PH balance them to 6.2 and have noticed that as they
sit for a few days the PH tends to rise toward 6.8 - 7 which kind of surprised me so I recheck frequently and if need be lower the Ph again to 6.2? Is this PH creeping up normal?

Look real good with a magnifying glass… in your top pic it looks like maybe a bug issue… all the little white specks and leaf damage… looks like critters… 60x to 100x zoom lens… :wink:

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You’ll want to only adjust your pH immediately before use, or else you will get pH creep. Also, unless you’re aerating the mixture, you don’t want to keep nute solutions sitting around for too long.

I see what could be water/nute splashes on the leaves. Definitely check for buggers, too.


I grow in coir myself and pH has to be around 5.8 so with that much coir in there, you’ll wanna lower the pH some and add some calmag

Ok I took a Jewelers Lope and went over the plant I see the issue on - no bugs - the couple of colored spots I did find I looked at and with a blow they were gone - a crumb of something - no i wasn’t eating cookies lol. Yep I did exactly that I balanced the water before I did the rinse. But I will lower it a bit more. I will blow up the photo of the spot I am seeing - no others have popped up, so i am curious as to what it is so I can try to prevent it and if need be adjust the nutrients now. I have cal mag so the next feed which is tomorrow I will use it and do so in smaller amounts so I am not mixing up in gallon amounts ahead of time. Water I will adjust as I use it - that is exactly what I have done since I got my digital meter and started checking it before each water and will do so before each feed as well. Live and learn - thanks for the advice!

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