Need help on 2 questions

Questions from a fellow grower:

Two questions.

  1. If I have 3 - plants of white widow ( not auto) growing in a field in the woods with probably a football field away from any one who could walk by ( very remote park just built - little to no traffic) how much odor will they give off ?? I mean how far away do my plants need to be away from someones nose not to smell them growing ?
  2. Not the stem, but if ground up… How much THC or similar high will the small branches only give the smoker if its just the branches ??? Many people here use blunts and my thinking is – why not try it if it works considering that many are using that cigar wrap anyway… Will there be enough THC for it to be useful ?

That distance should be good ww is a pretty smelly plant and the bigger the smellier :smile: are u doing any training to get the max yield? As for the blunt idea id say give it a go since the stems on my ww get sticky so must be worth a try

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Growing outside like that is cool do what you gotta do. You’re issue wil be another grower at that park and the wind blowing just right. I have lost 20 skunk plants that way. Block your paths and don’t go there the same way and same time. How do you hide your buckets of water ?? Just becarefull set brush in the way on your trail so when you come back and see it has been moved you know something is up

I’m an avid cyclist, and I frequently get whiffs of cannabis when I’m in the woods. I’ve never been able to find a plant from the trails.

Most people don’t actually know what a flowing pot plant looks like.