Need help nute burn?

Hey all within the last two days my plant which was supposed to be a gsc auto (definitely a photo) went from being healthy to this. Leafs are all clawing down and look dry. I have been watering every other day and feeding fox farm trio every other watering. I dont measure runoff or any of that.

Doesn’t look like burn. Did it start at the top or bottom? Old growth or new growth?

Its kinda all over from top to bottom… i have never flushed the plant… didnt know if that could be part of it?

Calcium def. Supplement with cal mag.

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I have been adding cal mag every other water with my f.f nutes ph’ing to about a 6.3 to 6.5

Maybe bump it up. Sunlight will make em calcium hungry. But that’s likely what it is.

Awesome thank you!

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