Need help mysterious mini plant invasion

Hello I am a first time grower of indoor autos. R I find it really interesting you found mushrooms growing in your soil…haven’t come across that one yet on different species of plant/fungi that can grow in your pots soil. I TOO HAVE SOME MYSTERIOUS PLANTS growing around each of my 3 plants and I can’t find anywhere to identify what they are, the cause, or much out there on this at all. I NEED HELP TOO !! new on here not sure how to make my own thread. But here is my important information:

1 G-13 auto
1 Girl Scout Cookies Extreme auto
1 Purple Kush auto
A great medium all in all great drainage yet great water retention and all the mutes these baby’s need from seedling to harvest. I will not be adding any. The soil was opened right before being mixed together and directly put into pots (in February in New England so no seedlings I would know of out). So very little contamination possibility.
The plants themselves look great, the GSC is the one thriving the most yet oddly she has three of these tiny plants within 3 inch proximity so I have been worried about the route systems, or whether or not they are good or bad?? As there are companion plants but this was not done by me purposely lol.
Short little spouts with 2 elliptical like shaped leaves on each side seemingly coming out of the shoot of the stem. They are green and almost slick like leaves. I have many pictures but idk how to start a thread and post ‘‘em yet but need urgent help!
LAMP; Kind K3 xl300 2series
AreA: 2.5’ x3’(homemade structure)
Water: had been 300 mL each every other day from the tap. Good pH. Recent days been warmer (up to 90 a couple times as we suddenly had a 70 degree day where I live) but quickly lowered it w air flow and another watering as they were thirsty after the heat. But generally going with the wet/real dry/wet/real dry method.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks and good luck dude with the mushrooms, might just get a 2 for almost reminds me of a young penis envy variety hahaha

Please post pics taken in natural light. It’s impossible to see with the burple lighting.


You can’t pull em? Or you just trying to figure out what they are? I get stuff like that in my outdoor grow. But it’s usually unwanted weeds. Pull it and toss it i would say. Unless you’re interested in what it is. Then transplant 1 to see what grows out of interest.


Well yeah I have been combing the internet and all kind of forums trying to find out what these are and can’t find answers anywhere. I definitely want to find out what they are so I can eliminate any possible causes or figure out if it could have been something in my ffof soil. I will update with better pics the res didn’t turn out that great on here. Should I pull them or cut them?? Should I worry about root systems.
Also just wondering in general how they look?? for day 17 since seed hit soil after 48 hrs in room temp glass of water.

Is it possible it’s something to do with the ffof or coco coir? They were both kept sterile up until use.

Also when should I start trying the lst? I’m thinking starting within the next couple of days on the GSC which also has the thickest stem.

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They’re basically just weeds. Probably just a little string of a tap root at this point. You should be able to pluck it right out rather effortlessly.

The roots of your real weed plant aren’t anywhere near them yet. Those are going to be extending about as far as the leaf tips. Even if they were you could still pick those weeds out no problem.

The cause is some stray seeds in your mix.

You’ll need fertilizer, Fox farm isn’t quite a water only media. It will get you by for a month or two. You might have noticed, they sell several different lines of fertilizer, so they’re not going to fully load their flagship mix or nobody would buy them.

If water only is your goal you have to make your own soil or purchase it from some place like Build a Soil.

I’d recommend watch Build a Soil’s YouTube videos if that’s a rabbit hole you’d like to explore.


Looks to me some kind of melon what you think @CurrDogg420 cucumber or watermelon maybe its definitely kind of melon though

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That, or a green bean, were my first thoughts. Something with a big ‘ol seed judging from the size of those cots.

Yes my first thought was cucumber if @CbertLikesDank lets them grow will know by tomorrow @CurrDogg420 i invited dollarbill come over to forum haven’t heard back from him

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Ok great information guys thanks a lot @CurrDogg420 and @Reed71. I knew I probably wanted to pluck them but really was curious to find out what they possibly were and it sounds like we have a pretty good understanding. At least it doesn’t seem to be anything extremely invasive or detrimental to the ladies. So that’s good news.

Should I let them grow another day and post more pics or just pluck them tonight?? They are asleep now, on a 20/4 light cycle.

@CurrDogg420 i hear what you’re saying about the fox farm soil. I am growing autos so ihad read that you can go from seeding to harvest with the ocean forest mix. Trying to go as natural as possible too to avoid any chem burns or anything especially while they are young. But you are saying I may need some nutrients at some point after a month or 2? Is there a particular blend you would recommend down the road? Trying to do it as cost efficient as possible but also give the necessary things of course.

Also just wondering how anyone thought they looked in general…

And any thoughts on when to start low stress training?? The GSC seems may be ready in next couple days.

Also the G13 has had a bit of ‘umbrella effect’ at times but I have pretty much chalked it up to airflow and solved that issue.

Btw, this is my ‘trial setup’ So to speak, as I eventually plan to move onto my 8x4 tent with ac infinity airflow system and 4 kind K3 xl300 leds. So figured would gain some experience and use this as a learning grow before I move onto bigger and better things. Thanks to all @CurrDogg420 @Reed71 @GrassMan420 @MidwestGuy who have commented and more help/comments always appreciated. I will post a few more pics later on.


You can top dress thru flower with organic amendments. The blends are nice, they have a mix of ingredients, I’ve used the Down to Earth 4-8-4, there are other brands. Get something for a microbial boost as well, fish emulsion or something like that. That will help you get the most out of what’s there.

Cannabis grows fast, about the rate of a tomato. But cukes or melons or beans are about the one thing that will outgrow them, and probably use your plant for a trellis while it’s at it. If you’re curious, wait till it throws its first leaf.


Thats what i was thinking

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Yeah I have decided to pluck them based on the info from this forum. I dug down into the soil slightly with my finger following the stem until it just kind of let loose. The following pictures show what they were. It looks as if 2 different species to me but I’m no expert at all but I am glad to get rid of them lol. Basically i have come to the conclusion they are suckers and certainly not worthy of being a friend to my cannabis plants lol.


Dang man, we had a side bet going…. :laughing:

My wife and I had kept a small veggie garden for a couple years, but our Covid garden was when I really got into it. It shook me a bit seeing how fast all the store shelves got depleted.

Anyway, you couldn’t buy anything that year, greenhouses and garden centers were either closed or didn’t have anything left. So we made up some of our own potting soil from compost we made, didn’t have a clue what we were doing so it had a ton of seeds in it. Try starting some seeds in that… :man_facepalming:

You had to learn pretty fast what the seedlings you were trying to sprout are supposed to look like. We were picking weeds out of the starter pots daily. Ended up with several “impostor” tomatoes and peppers. That’s why I’m so careful now to plant the seed dead center in the cell using a toothpick.

I’m rambling cause I’m pretty stoned and had a few beers. Happy St Patty’s Day!


Hell yeah @CurrDogg420 happy st patty’s day. That’s really interesting to hear about the stores and Covid. I noticed that a bit too but didn’t know if it was just my area. Where about s you and your wife at? But don’t worry I ended up keeping couple mini invaders in growing still bc I am very curious what they are so by tomorrow I bet they will,sprout there first real leaves without doing any damage. The plants seem to be doing real well to by my account, not sure what you guys think. Purple is a little small but nice dark green 5finger leaves w lil purple stems, g13 nice n bushy super nice dark green leaves, GSCx growing like a mother****** now and seems real well, Lil lighter green than the super dark green of g13. First time trial grow indoor. Hope doing ok I just try to do what I feel they need when they tell me they need it :shushing_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: in the various ways they speak to ya.

But here is something new…I was considering some low stress training and some bending real soon. But I found these great led supplemental lights that shine in white, blue, green, red. There are 5 small pucks. Rather than bend I chose to do what I’m coining LIGHT STRESS TRAINING lol and I think it will really work. Or maybe even the use of mirrors anyone ever do that??? Here are some pics

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They look about the right size, a bit more blurple than I’d like to see :face_with_peeking_eye:

Honestly man I don’t think those lights are gonna give ya much useable PAR. But I do enjoy an experiment, I make my best discoveries that way. Most of the time, I discover that I’m an idiot, but that’s all part of the process. :laughing:

I think you’ll get more from regular training, supposed to have a control and all that. :nerd_face:


Yeah sorry about that I don’t have a photo filter but I suppose could use regular light or those lil leds for pics. Yeah I figured the same thing with the par. These lamps are supposed to have real good canopy penetration but I suppose lst regular is the way to go. Can I start doing that yet?? The ppk has 3 nodes, g13 4 nodes and Girl Scout 5 nodes. Small branches starting to form at each node. How often do I lst? Is it for a certain amount of hours each day? And do I do it everyday for a week or 2 or every other?


What do you guys think about fimming on this GSCE??? Also I think I may see some signs of pistils already possibly??
Day 19 in soil
Day 15 above ground
I believe all is looking healthy and well.
Also have a G13 and Purple kush.
Will post them next.

The G13.
It’s at the 5th node now as well but much stockier and bushier than GSCE.
Would this benefit from fim or lst or both??

This is the purple kush.
Little bit behind others, but doing quite well.
It’s at the fourth node right now. Just wondering about the training in general on each of these ladies I just posted in this and GSCE AND G13 in others.

By the way any guesses on what you guys think the little suckers I ended up plucking from the soil were? I have removed all now the roots appeared to go about at most 2inches down. Plucked with ease and plants seem unaffected so that’s great.