Need help making the switch to LED

So my wife and I were talking about electric bills :roll_eyes:

And the monthly cost to run the 1000w HPS came up. So I told her my dilemma. My knowledge was out of date and I failed to ask the questions I should have before I dove in and bought a 1000w DE HPS with a digital ballast. Now I’m trying to manage having almost too much light for my 3x5 and knowing I could be spending less if I had went with the right LED.

She’s an accountant and thinking about ROI and now wants me to look into LED lighting. Who am I to say no…

The plan here would be to get something reasonably high-end. She will get on board for a higher end light if it will be a long-term replacement for my HID.

I know HLG is a good brand but that’s about all I know. What are some of the higher end brands I should be looking at and will cover my 3x5 tent for flowering? I’m open to anything.

My main requirement is I do not want a kit. I don’t want to Build any of this myself. I want to take it out of the box and hang it up and plug it in.
The ability to switch it to a veg mode would be cool but not necessary.

More about my set up - it’s a 3x5 tent in a 5x10 room. Vented to outdoors with a 6” AC infinity fan.

My alternative here is to get a 600w DE Ballast. This 1000w is just too powerful for my space.

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CHILled Logic, California Lightworks, Spyder Farmer, maybe Gavita, but HLG is the one I’d turn to before any others. Their 650 Diablo or like would be a good place to start. That would be enough light for your 3 X 5. They have a dimmer on the driver so can run lower numbers in veg and only turn up when necessary.


Thank you. @Myfriendis410 given that the 1000w DE is proving to be too much for my space do you think I’d be better off with two smaller panels? My concern starts when reading on HLGs site that the 650r “replaces a 1000w DE” which is a great reference point but they also say it’s good to cover a 5x5 at 30” and part of my issue is that I’m having trouble getting 30” between my plants and my current light.

My issue can partially be resolved by better training techniques I realize but for very similar results I’d rather run a lower wattage light closer to the tops


Any other brands I should be considering?


In no particular order

Horticulture lighting group
Chilled tech
Fluence bioengineering


Grow craft x3 500w chilled Tech fits your space perfect too. Good luck! :call_me_hand:t3: Oh other brands no ones mentioned yet I think? Growers Choice


The HLG Scorpion R spec is designed for running at 12"-18" above the canopy. 6 288qb’s running at 100 watts each. Makes for great coverage without the intensity of a light like the 650r.

I’ve basically made my own “scorpion” by running 6 288qb’s as I often find my girls getting just a bit taller than I planned for, it’s nice to be able to take it down to 100 watts per board and let them get close if needed.

The ChillLED grow crafts can also be closer to the canopy as well.


@Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 @Hellraiser @ConcreteBudz @KeystoneCops

Costs aside - Is there any reason not to switch to LED?


None that I can think of, less heat, little less electric use, less air needed to exhaust - can maintain higher humidity, easier to maintain decent temps, great spectrums with the good lights, no more buying HPS and MH bulbs. I looked into it for many months before moving to LED from HPS, no regrets.


No. The tech is better than HID in many metrics, and improving all the time.

I’d also look at the Medic Grow Fold 8 for a 4x4 or 5x5 canopy. I’m hearing good things.


If you are seasoned hps grower you may find slight adjustment period before you feel everything is dialed in. Plants seemed to feed a little heavier, and maybe little longer node spacing than mh in veg but not as long hps assuming intensity is reasonable. But that could vary some depending on exactly which model you buy. I moved from 400’s though too, and there is big difference from 400 to 600 watt hps light. Is not that big of deal to transition from most if you’re not afraid to spend a little money on good light. Most that complain about trying to switch and not liking results weren’t using led fixtures recommended above.


I also saw somewhere a grower reached out to Samsung who informed him there are NO companies in China using their top bin diodes: this means that anything from China is suspect as far as the type/quality of diodes used for their lights.

As far as I know, HLG is the only company that both uses latest Samsung diodes but also publishes third party data on light performance.

You can probably do better buying parts and going diy but failing that I’d go with HLG before anything else.

Like @Hellraiser pointed out; you can slam these fixtures down close to the plant (currently I’m at 5" on my diy lights) and turn the power down so you don’t zorch your plants. Having multiple fixtures is helpful if wanting to use for veg. (I bought an HLG QB135 B-spec for veg which is an awesome light).


Have you looked at the MedicGrow lights? The EC-8 has my interest.


They seem good on paper. Would be nice to see some real world application and integrated sphere results.


MJ Coco thinks they’re selling below cost to gain a toehold in the market. Makes it a very tempting purchase considering they offer a 1000w LED for $700 delivered.

Edit: I don’t mean to derail your thread @Deez. Lemme point out the sensibility of buying a 5’x5’ tent and running a 1000 LED instead of an HPS for better yields per watt, which means, in theory, you could grow less frequently. It’s almost insane not to turn your 5’x3’ into a veg tent with a mild 260w HLG 260 V2 B-spec, and a massive 1000w light for the “occasional” flowering crop.

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Growers choice and maybe sonofarm had fixtures similar performance and price point. Pricing on lighting has seemed to be pretty volatile the last year. Last I looked hlg-600 was $700 and discounts still applicable. This is cheaper than previously offered hlg-600 kit had been available for and bigger light than hlg-550 the5 couldn’t keep in stock at $1050 2 years ago. Meanwhile chilled tech is releasing a $2500 monster. There is something out there for everyone. I always caution members to try and make sure thet are getting a good value and not just buying less performance.


Not a derailment at all as far as I’m concerned. This is exactly the kind of discussion I was hoping for. I’ve read plenty of LED lighting threads where general answer is just get an HLG or spider farmer, end of discussion. So I appreciate the extra discussion here

I get the whole idea about buying a stronger light and having the freedom to turn it to whatever Power I want. It sounds like that is more acceptable to do with LED than it is with HID. I mean I’ve never had a digital ballast in my life until recently so I’ve never actually seen a ballast that you can adjust the power on but everything I’ve read seems to say that isn’t a good idea to turn the ballast down.

@KeystoneCops I am interested to hear your thoughts on my tent/grill room situation. I will tag you over in my indoor grow journal. Much appreciated.


I’ll check it out when I get the chance.

It’s fine to turn the ballast down if you put in the correct bulb rated at that wattage. When I wanted 600 watts of HPS, I put in a 600 watt HPS bulb and adjusted the ballast accordingly rather than running a 1000 watt bulb dimmed to 600 watts, same if I wanted 400 watts of MH, instead of runnng a 1000 watt MH dimmed, I put in a 400 watt MH bulb and set ballast to 400 watts. HPS and MH bulbs should be ran at the wattage they were designed for otherwise the spectrum is affected, more noticeable on MH than HPS, MH tends to look a bit green when run under watts instead of the white/blue spectrum it has at correct watts.

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Wow I did not realize that was possible.

Is that something I can do with this ballast?

Not with that ballast unfortunately as the settings don’t equate to the lesser watt bulbs that are available (400 and 600 watts). That ballast is designed to only work with a 1000 watt bulb and the dim settings take it to 500 and 750 watts, along with the 1000 and super lumens (generally used when the bulb has seen a couple grows and you want to push some more light out of it as HPS bulbs degrade pretty quick with use), but you can safely dim it. Like I said earlier, MH bulb spectrum is highly affected when dimmed but HPS is not so bad when run under watts as long as not too low watts, the 750 and 500 settings you have are certainly usable.

When I did HID lights, I had ballasts with settings for 400, 600, 1000, and super lumens so I just put in the bulb with the watts I wanted instead of dimming down a 1000 watt bulb.


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