Need help making a brew...Newbie

Whats up guys/gals I have my first grow going and they are in 5 gallon pots of FFOF, All im doing so far is watering them at 6.5ph. I was wondering if I cold make a brew of like 1cup of wormcasting in 2gallons of water to water my plants. I was going to do the cheese cloth ( I think) with a air stone in 5gallon bucket. Would this be a good idea for when watering the ladies.

Compost teas are good I usually make in 4 gallon batch 2 cups worm castings or compost 4 tablespoons molasses 2 tablespoons alfalfa meal 4 tablespoons liquid kelp let bubble for 24 hours and happy plants


@dirtydave, thanks for the help my guy. Would I be able to use just molasses and worm casting for the tea, or should I wait and grab the other stuff also? I appreciate all the suggestions and help.

Maxsisun pb4000 pro
TEMP 74° TO 82° degrees
RH 47% TO 65°

worm casting and molasses is great but make sure its unsulfured molasses


@dirtydave do you have a preferred brand for liquid kelp?

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I use to make tea now I use a product called Nirvana as it has the kelp bat gauno etc in it and liquid earthworm castings. I buy the earthworm juice at Tractor Supply of all places.

@Deez The last 3 bottles have been from Bloom City Clean Kelp it seams to be good stuff

I use this in my teas sometimes too it’s a good product

I’ve used Neptune’s Harvest as well. I like it.

I’m mainly asking because I’ve been using roots Organics Trinity which is Molasses, Kelp, saponins and maybe some other stuff. I like it just fine, works wonderfully. I’m also down to brew my own but only if I’m getting something equal in use and cheaper.

I have used other brands they all seam to work well Since the change here in NY my local garden store has really stepped up their game so I’ll be switching to something that they carry shop local

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Same here. If they don’t have it locally I don’t bother. Amazon doesn’t need my money. The family that runs my local agway does.

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Agway is my local store have 2 of them one 5 minutes away the other 30 minutes

I’ve got one about 15 and another about 30 mins from me. The close one has a great selection of cannabis growing stuff. They have FF, Roots Organics, Coast of Maine, Neptune’s Harvest… GH for hydro…. Basically everything but Jacks321!

Knowledgeable folks too.

Are you out on the island sounds like we mite be neighbors

Northern Vermont. About 45 mins plus a ferry ride across Champlain from Plattsburgh

I make a Bat Guano tea from Down to earth all natural fertilizer on every feeding using a air bubbler / 2 gallons at a time Slowing adding in Tiger Bloom cause I’m at 2nd flower but I found Guano works better for me No burn just follow directions .

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