Need help little orange dots

Ok pretty sure I know what it is, and I caused it my fault. Transplanted 2 weeks ago used Mykos from xtreme gradening and I have a calcium or magnesium problem, which means I have root block out. THIS IS ALL MY FAULT I USED TO MUCH NO KNOCK ON THE PRODUCT, so how to fix flush ? Can I water with closer to 7 ph water to absorb the extra calcium, it likes a little higher ph I thought I saw on a chart. or flush and if so how to. Only 3 weeks old in 5 gallon fabric pots Soil 70/30 ish FFOC and FF COCCO LOCCO couldn’t find any perlite when I planted. Only 1 plant has this problem other 2 didn’t over do with extra stuff

Hey sorry didn’t realize how bad the pics was tell posted, will put up a better one when I can

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Just to be clear, these orange dots are not moving right? Some spider mites look like little red/orange dots too but it sounds like you are pretty sure yours are from amendments

Maybe just me but I dont see any orange dots. For as clear as your pict are they look good to me.

Same here but a touch blurry though when I blow it up

And if they are tiny, that would explain why we can’t see them

Mist them with some water and look through the plant sideways and look for little web structures = spidermites.
I use 6x surgical loupes to scan my plants for various things, trichome production, bugs, herms etc so get a magnifier glass of some sort, in the 6x makes the mites seem like 1/2" tall and they are def. orange/red

I never have trouble spotting them with just my eyes, but I,luckily, can still see tiny stuff up close

Ever since I started growing regular herbs, I’ve had a lot of troubles from the tiny red spider mites so I’m used to spotting them, but op didn’t mention that they move and spider mites that I’m familiar with are usually crawling all around when they are a problem

Thanks for tips better pics first is my 1 plant with the spots and maybe something on the ends? Other pics are other 2 no spots I’m new they are 22 days from sprout transplanted 12 days ago. If looks a little dry they do to be watered tonight. Water every 2-3 days depending, water 2-3 cups ph to 6.5 or best I can, have generic ph up down kit 20 bucks at shop

Where are other 2 didn’t realize pics didn’t load

Ok first time so besides spots, what does everyone else see. How much have I messed up. Please all tips welcome. Another ? To early to try to start LST they look so little compared to others

Take a look tell me what y’all c @Pet_de_Chien @Mr_Wormwood @Audiofreak @Graysin and how to fix

Besides spots, I think they look great

Even the spots, as they are, are not that bad… but I understand you want to figure it out before it gets out of hand

Look pretty healthy to me at this point, Keep doing what you are doing.
If anything I suggest locating that “Grow Support Ticket” so everyone can see what you are working with feeding lighting etc. Could be a little nute splash from watering, genetics, nothing at all. Keep an eye on it on New growth, once damage shows on older leaves, it usually doesnt not go away.

Its definitely not Spider mites at this point, but note everyone’s comments, they eventually show up for everyone at some point.

Agreed. They look pretty good to me. Perhaps a bit damp at the moment but that’s honestly just being nit picky.

They’re green and gorgeous.

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Thanks y’all so much I honestly hate to bother but first grow just trying to stay on top of things. Awesome

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@Kingkupa I’m very much in the same boat - don’t worry, everyone in this community is wonderful and will hop in when something looks bad. So far I’ve had zero plant casualties, which is tremendous considering I’ve got such an anti-green thumb I can kill a literal weed.