Need Help: LED Light for 2.5' x 4' space (HLG?/Timber/Etc.)

Looking to upgrade to LED lighting to fill 2.5’ x 4’ closet (8 ft tall)… Planning 2-3 plants in 5-7 gallon smart pots with super soil.

After spending countless time researching, I originally decided on the hlg 320xl v2 rspec kit, but was offered a good deal on hlg 550 v2 spec and would be able to get it quickly and easily for only $150 more than hlg320xl…

Would the hlg 500 vs rspec slightly dimmed work well in that space or would it be too much light and not even enough distribution? I do like the idea of having extra light for when I can eventually increase my grow space (hopefully soon) but also want to make best use of this space for now.

Also considering other options such as Timber 4VL (I’ve been leaning towards HLG but this seems like it would be a great fit for my current space. Also open to any other light suggestions…

Price not an issue, quality and yield of end product is main concern.

Thanks in advance!

PS. Not sure how to tag the light experts whose advice I’ve been following but if anyone can help tag the experts, it’d be greatly appreciated…

I really like HLG lights. Best man to ask is @dbrn32 . Which of these great lights do I buy? Hmmmmm
If the deal is good I go with the 500. Better coverage. It is more than you need for that space, but it is a great light.


You can’t go wrong with HLG. In my humble opinion. I have 2- 550’s and 3 260 xl’s in my 8x8. I started with a mh/hps fan cooled. Just my $ 0.02 worth :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:


Much love for the prompt responses guys!!

Also, good looks for tagging @dbrn32… after lurking here for a few weeks, I was most def looking for his input but I’m brand new to this forum and couldn’t figure out how to add tags lol

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If you buy the 550r spec you’ll be ready when you increase your grow area… because it happens… a lot.

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Realistically a 260 xl kit is the ideal offering for a 2x4. Even the 320 xl kit is a little more light than you need. The timber kits are nice, but you’re going a get a better performing light going with something from hlg, and the timber light is also bigger than you need.

I think the others bring valid points about where you may go in the future. If you were to move to a 4or the hlg-550 would do it. If you went with a 260 xl kit another 260 xl kit would put right for a 4x4 as well. Two 320 kits is kind of a waste in a 4x4, but again you could do that too.

They’re all really good lights, so I don’t feel any of those routes would be bad. You just have to feel out what you think will fit your plans the best.

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Appreciate your help and input @dbrn32 !

I was initially dead set on COB per breeder’s advice but after reading through your responses on other threads, and seeing nothing but positive reviews about HLG on other forums, I am now convinced that HLG is the way to go. Soo if HLG hasn’t thrown you some testers or heavy discounts yet, they def owe you some cuz they’re about to get some new business :rofl:

My original calculations for deciding on the 320xl kit were based off my 10 sq ft of space and reading that I would need roughly 30 actual watts per sq ft for LEDs… The 260xl kit would def be ideal for 2’x4’ space but I’m slightly worried about coverage for the extra 2 sq ft in my closet. I’m pretty sure that I heard someone else complaining about this same issue on another forum using a 2.5’ x 4’ closet setup with the 260xl, but that very well might be the edibles speaking. I’m probably way overthinking all of this, but super curious to hear your thoughts.

That being said, if you still think the 260xl would be the best fit for my space, then ill def take your advice and try to get my hands on one of those kits… or perhaps the 550 v2 rspec if the price is too good to pass up and/or I can convince my wife to give me more room for my garden :laughing:

Thanks again for your help and happy growing!

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I missed it was larger than 2x4, so 320 kit not all that unreasonable. I’m wondering if breeder data is just not exactly up to date. We had con lights prior to qb’s, sounds like reasonable explanation.

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Thanks again @dbrn32 Gonna try to source a 320xl kit today! Any thoughts on vendors offering good deals??

My initial reasoning for considering the HLG 550 v2 R Spec was not only future proofing future garden expansion… but also due to the fact that I haven’t found the 320xl kit for less than MSRP anywhere and my local shops have great discounts right now on current stock (like the HLG550 v2 R Spec and 600 V2 R Spec kit)

Also, my other thought on why breeder is pushing COBs might have to do with marketing their own brand of lights…

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Rapid led not approved vendor, so I had to remove link.

I don’t think it’s their brand as much as their light recipe. Rapid led has been doing stuff like that with other vendors for a few years. Either way, the light emitted from those cobs is essentially the same light emitted from qb’s. They are all phosphor coated blue chips anyway. The leds used on quantum boards are really nothing more than miniature of the cobs in terms of light you’re getting out. They are assembled a little differently and smaller size mounted on pcb doesn’t have the same thermal load as cob, so a little more efficient.

Appreciate all the info @dbrn32!! Picked up the 550 today because the price difference was negligible
compared to the 320xl and the 550 was in stock at my local shop.

It’s an impressive light. Can’t wait to test her out!!

Much love for all your help :v:

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Sweet! Sounds like you got a great deal too. Have r-spec boards?

Yessir!! I had two shops nearby, both with plenty in stock and competing for business. Couldn’t be happier with my choice.

I did pick up the 550 v2 R Spec… I’m assuming that should be more than enough, but if there’s any other supplemental lighting I can OD my girls on then I’m all ears!

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You have more than twice what you need already lol

I figured as much lol … now the only two fights I have left are convincing my old lady to let me put up the 4x4 I’m desperately craving, and the never ending struggle of convincing her to let me have sex with her … gotta love marriage :joy:

Please wish me luck on both fronts!


Ya, good luck with that…