Need help (Leaves yellowish,burnt)

(NEW GROWER) I have 3 plants that are suffering from some sort of deficiency I took some photos yesterday :sweat_smile: but I’ll post them below and the strain name along with the pictures :kissing::+1:

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Have a pic of the whole plant?
Older fan leaves just naturally yellow and die off on lower parts of the plant.

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They’re in a 5 gallon fabric pot and been growing them since Last October(lost count of weeks and days) currently in vegatative stage

Feed schedule :date:
•Every 3 days
•Jack’s nutrients 1 GAL (1.2L ×3 EACH)
3.7 part A
2.5 part B
1.1 Epsom salt
•p.H 6.5-6.7
•Ppm 1400 - 1500

Soil :seedling:
•Foxfarm ocean forest
•Last transplant was 03/05
•Feed them straight pH tap water till 03/31

Temperature/Humidity :thermometer:
•40% Humidity

Lighting Source :bulb:
•Spiderfarmer 4000
•Dimmer 40%
• 25 inches away from plant

That’s what i thought too, but the bottom leaves still continued to turn yellowish and i defoilate them like a week ago
(Photos today 04/07)

Its just the way the plant grows. They look good to me.
Lower leaves just do that.


Hmmm, if you say so :kissing::+1:I’ll keep this thread updated just to be sure. Appreciate the help doe :pray:


:point_up_2: all look good. Agree with @Spiney_norman. These have been vegn for awhile I would expect those to die off :love_you_gesture:


It’s pretty simple, you have spider mites my friend. Do you see those tiny white specks that I see on pic #2? Now flip the leaf over and look through a loup or 45 x magnifier.

You must act fast or they will ruin your crop, they take the blueberry right out of a blueberry bud and leave you with a hollowed out memory. I’m fighting some now myself.

Try captain Jack’s, dunking the plant or permethrin bug bombs. Good luck! And nice to meet ya.


When I was I younger bud, I would see yellow and dump more nutrients thinking they just need feed, when that didn’t work I started screwing with pH, up and down like a yo yo on crack.

Then I notice those same white specks over and over through the years. Then something happened, my eyesight started getting worse to the point I needed a magnifier to properly sex my plants as all of a sudden I was making errors. It was missexing plants and missing deer that showed me I had some serious eyesight issues.

Well to make a long story short I flipped one of those leaves over with white specks and looked through my magnifier an lo and behold there was 5 or six spider mites looking back at me. I went to the first few battles with a serious underestimation of my enemy. He’s a trained Cannibis killer, and I went to battle with the mindset of a civilian.

I lost yield, flavor, oil and it left a bad taste in my mouth to boot. Mr spider mite proved to be a soldier and a damn good one. I no longer spray gobs of crap on my plants every day. I either dunk the entire plant if it’s an outside plant in a pot, or if it’s in a grow room I use permethrin bombs 3 times over a week and wash off each plant as I’ve yet to find any spray that 100% kills the eggs.

I’m trying the biological bugs this year so I hope they work outdoors.


Calcium and magnesium def give some cal/mag in ur next feeding it should set u straight

Oh yeah i noticed i think it’s thrips because my last grow i had them before. I think foxfarm are just infested with pests :confused: anyway I’m using captain jacks every 7 days or so

I got some cal mag supplement but Jack’s nutrients technically has cal mag in it already :sweat_smile: so I’m not sure what to do here haha…

I have had serious issues lately. All this information above is absolutely the cause, effect and result. I used the same soil- same nutrients, and have the same issues. Although i did have what appeared to be a magnesium deficiency at one point I was too embarrassed to make a post to be honest- i know i shouldn’t have been. Anyways, i had to chops two down over the issues. Im pretty sure they got my new seedlings too. I’m currently walking an 80lb bag of fox farm out to the trash. Never again. Coco coir for me from here on out.

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I’m in the same also… hmm better have a closer look at them today :face_with_monocle:

Spray a mist of water over your plants at night and shine a flashlight at them.

Jacks has no need of extra calmag. Dont do it.


I’m gonna go with @2GreenThumbs some of those white spot look like they were caused by pests. A couple of the single leaf shots look like a bug may have been boring (feeding) and causing some funky patterns.

To the yellowing, older leaves will die off. It’s natural.

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