Need help is this male or female

I got a seed from one of my friends and not sure if these pre flowers are male or female I have been neglecting this plant but it’s doing really good just a little stunted.


Congrats buddy she’s a girl🍻


Yup, what he said. Congratulations, proud father of a girl, you are now.
Keep a close eye on her. Sometimes they try funny stuff.

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Ok perfect started fox farm grow big last week so hopefully she will get a bit bigger before she goes into flowering

I’m gonna say it’s a little early to call. I hate to sound like a buzzkill. I’m only seeing axial growth from pic 1 and 2, no calyxes or pistils. What looks like a red hair in pic 3 appears to be where growth has been severed and the tip is dead.

Gotta agree with @Borderryan22 . I don’t see any definitive signs yet.

Very likely this is bag seed if they did not mention a strain, whether it was feminized or if it was auto. If it is photoperiod (likely), it probably won’t flower and may not even show sex for a while yet. How old is it? Outdoors obviously and must be northern hemisphere so it is mid summer with long days.

As parents, we should love all our children equally, until we need space or weed.
She got trimmed for an experiment.

I agree that it’s to early. I see no indication whatsoever. Looks like it’s an outdoor plant, so it will probably be a couple more weeks before it shows. Nice plant. It will be a monster if it’s female.

We’ll it turned out to be a male caught it just in time and got it away and cut down. I still have two female gold leafs that are doing great one is in a 25 gallon grow bag with ocean forest soil and the other is in a 15 gallon grow bag with ocean forecast and happy frog. The plant in the 25 gallon bag is huge and is still in veg stage the plant is 7 ft and is definitely the biggest I have seen. The 15 gallon plant is about 5 ft and is topped I moved this one to a different part of the yard and is flowering now. I’ll try and take some pictures tomorrow for you guys.

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Please share pictures.
Clone some trim time?