Need help, is it a girl?

Last of four plants (all others were male) 12 days into flower…I’m hoping I have a female here. What do you think?

I wanna say male, but just to be sure give it an extra week, looks can be decieving I had a couple do that and turn out to be female my purple urkle was one of those…to be honest looks like new leaf nodes producing in

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Damn it! Yeah, I’ll give it some more time. This is the problem with getting “unknown” seeds. I have Blue Dream fem seeds I’m itching to start. This was my first grow attempt and I learned a lot from you guys.


Couple of the pictures are a little out of focus. I’d give it a little more time, as well.

Let me see if I can find a chart for you, for next time…

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I think you have your girl . Here is why I think so.


B Safe


Agreed I think that’s a female… I see hairs in a couple of those pics…

Pic one could be nanners

Hi @Jpositive,

I’m a newer grower, but from what I can tell from the pictures, your plants look a lot like my ladies did at that stage. Give it a little more time and you’ll get a better sense. Also watch for the small white hairs that will start to protrude if it’s female.

Thank you everyone for your feedback! I woke up a little more optimistic after reading your posts.
Here’s a full view pic. It is by far the smallest of the four I had growing. 30" from medium, two weeks into 12/12. The other three (that turned out to be male) stretched like crazy, sometimes two inches a day! This one isn’t stretching more than an inch a day…
I’ll keep checking for balls or white pistils and keep you updated.

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Oh, and I FIM’ed after fifth node in veg. I’m using the booster pack I bought from ILGM. Just using the bud booster right now.

Here’s a complicated question for everyone:
I’ve been trying to keep my pH right at 6.5 and it can be a little challenging. I’m watering every four days on the average at one gallon per water/feeding.
The last time I watered this plant it was at 6.0 pH so I added my nutes to RO water then used pH up til I got a pH of 10.7 my pH runoff was 6.4 Does this sound right? I’ve been having to add pH up every time I water to keep it even close.
Also, should I feed nutes every time I water? I started at 1/4 strength and worked up as suggested by some of you guys…

Hi @Jpositive. I’m not the best person to answer the PH question, but starting your nutrients at 1/4 manufacturer recommended strength and working your way up gradually sounds like a good plan. Nutrient and fertilizer companies are in the business of selling their product, and it’s not uncommon for them to be overly generous in their estimation of what a plant will require per feeding, which can be damaging to young plants. So start low and gradually work your way up. GL, and please let us know if it’s male or female.

Well looky there!!
I’m glad I posted the first pics and asked you guys. I might have chopped this one down. Pretty obvious now that…it’s a girl!


Damn… I just love a happy ending! :joy:


Awesome, I knew hanging on there would be a bright idea, it’s not the first time I’ve seen it, actually been quite recent with my last few

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