Need help indetifing something

Has any one seen this before. It looks like it has long hairs coming from the trichs. The closer it gets to harvest the more I see. I can’t see it until I take a picture. I tried to see if I could grab it with tweezers but couldn’t. I have never seen this before.


Do you have any pets?


Lol good guess if it is. I know if I go back over my grows I can still find random pictures with pet hair. :man_shrugging:t2:

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We have a house full of dogs. One is which is a Shiba Inu. I’m constantly picking hairs out of my plants even though the dogs aren’t allowed around them.

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No pets

If it was a pet or human hair I would be able to see it and pull it off. These things are growing out of the trichs.

Definitely fibers or hairs from something may just be stuck to the resin glands but I see them plain as day should pull right out

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As teffygreenthumb said, it’s definitely a hair or fiber! Looks like it’s just one continuous strand. Hopefully you can pick it out with some tweezers.
Otherwise I’d recommend you wash the buds at harvest. Nice buds! :+1:

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Fascinating. Right now I have a plant doing the same thing. At first I thought it was a cat hair too. When I pulled one out it was an inch long and definitely not a hair. So I think it’s a plant fiber.

What kind of plant is it?

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Wow okay, well I could be wrong.
I’ve never seen this before

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Yeah I can’t grab it with tweezers. At first I thought spider mites web. When you touch it to get it off your finger is just real sticky.
This is Orange Cookies @RBucey

It’s driving me nuts got a magnifying glass a microscope my phone with macros trying to get one off. I just don’t want it to be something of great concern because I’m real close to harvest. And I have lsd and thc bomb in with it.

Maybe it’s a furry female. An old g/f of mine had hairier arms then I do. LoL sure it’s nothing man and you got some skills if you can tweezer out one fiber from inside one trich. I’m way too shaky for that. LoL


It’s some alien shit or I’m smoking some real good shit.

I think she is slobbering all over herself. :joy::fire:

Is it a little clear bug - on the left

With a REALLY long tongue

Sucking the juices out of your trichomes - right


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Pubes…all settled

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It’s like out of lost boys… pubes Michael’s…your smoking pubes!! LMAO
Just messing …but I’m pretty sure those are your grey hairs old man! You got a beard too?

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Seriously though…is it actually coming out of either the small clearish thing in the top pic or the trichome?

@HammrTime I don’t see no bugs looked real close under a microscope. But as soon as you try to grab it with tweezers or your finger it’s like liquid and just disolves leaves a sticky substance on the tweezers. @LoCoRock no I don’t have a beard and my hair is cut short with a number 1.