Need help in identifying male plant

I have two blue dream plants and they are 5 weeks along. One plant is short and stocky and the other is tall and spindly. I noticed this morning these small protrusions between the branches and stalk on the tall and spindly plant. Do you guys think this might be a male?

It might be a hermie if you are seeing evidence of male parts. I see female (pistils) too.


That is a female plant. The growth you are concerned about is called a calyx.

Just a guess…you have a “1000w” light you’re using?

She looks female to me to answer your question. See photo below. Those are pistils. Female

There’s a HUGE difference and it’s VERY noticeable…yours is a female…here’s a male:

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Thanks for the advice everyone!


Nope, it’s a 2000 w.

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Ah ok. Reason I was asking is because some newer growers assume a 1000w light will be good enough for a whole room of plants when in reality, it can handle one. So with two until a 2000w, you should be ok. Have you ever rotated them in the tent? (put the left one on the right and vice versa) Was just thinking the size difference between the two might be lack of light for one of them.

Thanks. I will rotate.