Need help. In flower

What’s up grow fam. Hope your all healthy. I’m chilling so far. My issue is this mac1 plant i have in flower. It is terrible. It’s been in flower since February 21st well that was the first day of 12/12 I really do not think this plant is growing up well and I don’t understand why when it’s in the same substrate as all the other plants and has had the same nutrients as all my other plants. Idk
What’s wrong.)

Substrate= Coco coir (Coco-Loco)
Nutrients= Floraflex
PH= 6.0
Microbes + Enzymes = recharge (once every 2 weeks), great white myco (in vege/ during transplants), mammoth P, Em1, slf100

Mac1 by copycat genetics put her in the flower tent February 21 2020 and this is why she looks like. What’s wrong with her she’s terrible and should I kill. It ??? Thanks everyone you’re all the best.

EC in vege 1.6-2.4
Flower EC 2.4-3.0

I have plenty of plants in vege and I can replace this with a healthy one if that’s the cAse that this plants not well. Thanks.

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Other than a little N toxicity it’s tolerating the high TDS of your nutes. The plants look fine.

What is it that concerns you?

Ok that’s good to know it’s a lot smaller than the rest of my plants are by this time of flower also all my pistols on it look wierd to me like cooked or something and then I have the 2 tone leaves on top. It does have a real nice smell to it tho I didn’t know if it had some kind of issue. It had problems during vege. I messed up big time and tried cutting corners I was out of coco only could fill a half of pot but I had potting soil so I mixed them and planted the mac it never liked it.

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Should I be stripping the plant down the day I put them on 12/12 all the leafs I mean

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@Myfriendis410 I just added 2 new girls to the flower tent. Jungle cake and mega vino they are very leafy !!

My rule…if she needs pulled, I want trichomes on it so I can still do something with it. :+1:

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I do this after transition to produce as much sugar as possible.

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