Need help in finding out if this is male

Hey guys,
Need help inIdentifying if one of my plants are male or female

I’m just wondering if my plant has turned male


looks female to me…

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Looks Fem. No bananas.

Did you reveg it purposefully? If not you may need to take a look at your timers?


Good call @Eagles009, it really does appear that she revegged


@Eagles009 @PharmerBob mystified by the ability to tell that. What in those photos is suggesting re-veg? I look forward to being able to read plants so well!

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@Underthestairs so you see the smaller rounded leaves? Ones without serrated edges? That’s what happens when it goes from flower back into veg

Also weird curled rounded leaves

From veg → flower you won’t have any stress to the vegetation of your plants

From flower → veg things get weird and she’ll curl leaves, round leaves and push flowers apart with leaves.

This shows what I’m referring to


These weird flat single round leaves are a dead giveaway. All that funny business that I scribbled through caught my eye at first. Just weird looking.


Excellent to know. Thanks for sharing with highlights!! @PharmerBob

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Did your light cycle get messed up or changed

Thank god man, thank you for your help

Thank you, it’s my first time growing lol
Thanks for your help

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Not to sure what actually happened, but I think it has, from all the responses

Ok, now I have a bit insight in growing plants, thanks for your man
First time growing

I had them under the led lights, until I put them out did, but they were small, now there out side under the sun

Same here! :+1: